BenQ CB523C (Combo Drive)

Hey guys! Yeah I know, owning a Combo is so old school :rolleyes: but who’s crazy not to accept a brandnew BenQ CB523C gift, eh?? :bigsmile:

Anyways, Any of you guy’s has patched firmware v.GLB yet? I’ve searched through this forum and so as without luck :sad:

Can someone help? Please!! :sad: :sad:

thinking about buying the same drive, was you able to find a patched firmware for it?

Not yet :frowning: I tried sending a PM to The Dangerous Brothers. I guess they are still too busy patching the Pioneer drives at the moment. But if you could post a reply here, saying you need it too, then perhaps we’d be able to convince TDB to patch the latest firmware… Honestly it’s almost a month now and I have yet to get the patched firmware from them :frowning: But, I don’t blame TDB they are probably a couple of the best patcher’s out there… They may just be too busy…