BenQ BW1000



So I wonder who will be the first to buy this one and let us know what it’s like when it comes out.

BenQ have announced its first ‘Trio’ writer - the BW1000 - a triple writer that encompasses BD, DVD and CD format support.

Press Release: The BenQ BW1000 supports all Blu-ray Disc formats at 2X read and write, as well as the interface of the future – Serial ATA, which secures the data bandwidth while playing back high-definition contents, even for the most dynamical scenes.

With BenQ’s BW1000, users can easily transfer high-definition home videos and art works to BD-R and BD-RE media, either 25GB or 50GB version, to share and store premium contents with convenience.

BenQ BW1000 features revolutionary SolidBurn and Write Right technologies. SolidBurn automatically learns and optimizes the writing settings for recordable media and makes over-speed writing feasible and stable, delivering stunning drive intelligence to help users write any media at the desired speed.

BenQ’s Write Right technology provides thorough protection during the writing process, which includes Seamless Link (for buffer-under run protection), dynamical jitter calibration (for real-time writing quality consistency) and Walking-OPC (for real-time writing power compensation) features.

I personally will be waiting to see which of the Blue-Ray/HD format becomes dominant before I splash out as I don’t want to be stuck with the betamax of writers :slight_smile:



based on philips hardware.


Razzle Dazzle Clart :eek: :eek: :eek:


I am going to wait for the BR and HDDVD format war to be sorted, or for recorders and players that support both formats.

I am not getting into BetaMax again…


I’ll waiting too!
But who knows if the prices are acceptable.


Yes but like with betamax-vhs war, qwak, the lesser quality format might win out. I just wish these people would get their heads out of a certain oriface and actually consider the cosumers for once.

rapid, there are always people that will be the latest ust to say theu were amongst the first to get it, after all remember the prices when DVD writers and media first came out for domestic use.


The price is too high, the benefits are dubious, and the protection is too intrusive. Not to mention, most HD equipment today doesn’t even have the correct connections.

No HD for me, probably for years if ever. I am [I]very[/I] content with regular DVDs.


Well the price of blanks is rumored to be $40 each for BD – for .25 each I’m happy with regular DVD. I’d rather have better transfers and encoding quality on regular DVD than a new format. Most standard DVDs don’t seem to live up to the maximum quality that the regular DVD format can offer anyway…


Well you wouldn’t get HD with this writer, chas, it does blue-ray, NEC are launching a HD writer.

I suppose it depends on the person whether the discs are worth the price or not. Personally at the moment for me they are not worth it, but I can see a point when they most probably will be. After all I didn’t see the point of DVD burning, and only got my first drive as I came into some money now I wouldn’t be without it.


No, the BW1000 supports both high definition and standard definition on Blu-Ray discs… it won’t do HDDVD from Toshiba tho.


the only reason i’m leaning toward bluray is cuz it’s 25gb per layer.

however when it comes to movies i’ll choose normal DVD. i’m not forking over $1000 for restricted hardware


1000 usd. wouldn’t be enough. It depends on what you already have. So you’ll need a hdtv then a player and also maybe a burner, in this case you can buy a used car.


thus the over $1000usd part.

prolly bout $1200-3000