BENQ Blue Screens my computer



I just got my benQ 1620 from Newegg today, and took out my lite-on 1633, and tried to boot. It blue screens at the windows xp splash loading screen. I unhook the drive and it boots normal. What the hell could be wrong. Thanks

EDIT its a CHECK_LOCAL_MACHINE error. Thanks again


Post the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config. Also tell us on which ide bus the drive was connected and if it was jumpered as master or slave.


Are you running service pack 2 and got all updates?


This sounds like a problem I ran into with an AMD system and IDE nForce drivers. If so, go to the control panel->add/remove programs and then click remove the NVidia drivers. You’ll then get a box that will allow you to only remove the NVidia IDE driver, rather than all of them.

You can reinstall these drivers after you upgrade the 1620’s firmware to a more recent version, since this problem was corrected in a later firmware.


Hey i got it. Thanks abunch everyone. And special thanks to Spartane. Thats what it was. I would have never thought of that either… At 1st i was like maybe the drive is bad. Anyways off to test some burns with it now…