BenQ Black 1620, $45 delivered Newegg




Great price on a decent burner, you guys should be looking at this!!! I use this and a Plex 716A, the Benq does better on some of the +R media for me for less than half the price. I have no complaints about my 1620A at all.

Great tip Chas!


Does this model have a problem with running hot? Seems to me I read a review about the latest version now including a fan to abate a [past] heat problem; don’t know if all the brands of 16X writers suffer from heat or if the BenQ 1620 is worse in this area. I was about to order this one 'cuz of the sale price, but now I don’t know…


It gets warm but not excessively warm. I wouldn’t call 40-45 C (105-110 F) hot. Never bothered me. Just think of an August afternoon in Phoenix.


The 1620 has other issues. Make sure you read up on it before you buy. I do not recommend this drive. I was just pointing out the price for those who have read up and know what they want.


Yeah, I did…

It’s actually a pretty good drive WHEN you find one without manufacturing defects. A much higher than normal percentage of these are DOA out of the box. NewEgg won’t give a refund, only replacement or upgrade.

I was looking for a worthy replacement for my NEC ND-2500A (better than the current NEC line), guess I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for the help guys. :bow:


My main PC has both of the drives you mention, a Benq 1620 and a Nec 2500. My secondary PC has (at the present moment) a Nec 3520 and a Benq 1620. On the shelf are an LG 4163, A Liteon 1213@1653, and a Pioneer 108.

The Nec 2500 has a permanent space in my computer due to how well it works with cheap media. I have two Benq 1620 burners, one in each computer, because they are the best drives, overall, in my opinion.



Like chas0039 says - the 1620 is good IF you get a good one - I also got one of the BAD ones and was very disappointed - for me it is a $55 brick - and I would only recommend one to some one that I really didn’t like-



Hey Mike,

Ill give ya 5 bucks for that brick if you dont want it.


I guess the gods just don’t like you. I own two of these, and have installed another 5 or 6 for other people. Every single one worked great. And, oh, yeah, $5 is not enough to cover shipping, I’ll offer $10.


Having just bought a BenQ 1620 from Newegg (unfortunately 2 days before they dropped the price to $45), could someone tell me what manufacturing defects I should be looking for?

I’ve primarily been using it for error scanning (because my Pioneer units don’t support that), and I’m about to do some burning tests. So far I haven’t seen any problems. I find the LED is always on when a disc is inside the drive, but I assume that’s normal?


Yes, it’s normal for the LED to always be on when a disc is inserted.

There are some long threads in the Benq forum here on Club Cdfreaks about (possible) problems with the Benq 1620.


I also had 2 that worked very well. One was a Nu Technology DDW-163 OEM BenQ DW1620A. I sold that one to a friend and as far as I know it’s still alive and kicking along very well. :bigsmile:

The one I kept was my refurbished drive I bought off of Newegg first. I thought this drive had died at one point in time but a clean reflash with B7L9 and then up to current firmware and it was alive and kicking just as well as the DDW-163 was again. They both burned the same discs with just about equal results as well. :bigsmile:

I love my 2500A for cheaper media. I have a shelved 3500A that I’m just not real pleased with in general the BenQ is a superior burner over it with more options and toys to play with then the 3500A has and of course my BenQ DW1620A and my Samsung CD-RW/DVD Combo drive that I keep in the computer as a cd-burner and use it some as a DVD Reader. I like my current drive setup.


Yeah, the BenQ is a great drive that sometimes has problems. I love mine, but I don’t run them over 8x. They do get warm. And there are reports of many returns. When they work they do everthing well. Well, except burn -R media.

Get one you’ll enjoy it.


can this drive be used in conjunction with nec 3520a to do dual burning (burning two discs at the same time (of the same image file))?


I think thats More dependant on software. You can burn to two burners at once from two image files if your system is fast enough and you have enough memory and it should be able to do it as well as any drive for that. As far as from one image file, I would think that if one program is using it it might deny access to the other program using it. You can run two instances of nero for instance, but I’m not sure if they could share the same file (I have never tried it).


I love the honesty of your post. :iagree: