Benq bitsetting with which firmware or software

Ok, I trying this Benq 800A out. I used both DVDinfoPro and Benqs Booktype utility. With dvd+r media set to dvd-rom I tried twice with RecordNow Max to burn an ISO file. Both burned fine but at the end its still recognized as a dvd+r disk. What am I doing wrong? I’m using B2I7 firmware.

It would seem there is a problem only with firmwares above B2F7 using DVDinfo and DVD+R disc bitsetting. I’m waiting to hear back from Nicw after he test on his. Should be a day or two.

Anyone with this drive able to do bitsetting to DVD+R disc successfully using firmware B2G7 or higher?

i burn memorex 4x +r blanks @ 7.8x
on my benq 800a
with there bitsetting utily set to
dvd-rom for both +r and +rw disks
plays on every thing i tried so far

i have firware B2i7