BenQ believes in the DVD+RW format



I just posted the article BenQ believes in the DVD+RW format.

reports that BenQ will start shipments of its 8x DVD+R/RW
drive, the DW800A, this month and that a 12x model could follow as early as in
March next year. BenQ are at the moment only…

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BenQ are probably dead right, dual drives are un-necessary. Everyone I know who’s got one abandoned using DVD-Rs to burn to after less than impressive results. But I reckon it’ll be a long time, if at all, before the minus format bites the dust.


I have a NEC 1100a and the DVD+R’s it records reads in every DVD-ROM drive I know of. I use to have DVD-R’s from borrowing a Pioneer drive and here is what I found after testing 4 different DVD-ROM drives (NEC 1100a, Dell Laptop LG, Samsung 816Q and Artec). DVD-R’s read in 2 of the drives (Samsung & Artec). DVD+RW’s read in 2 of the drives (Samsung and NEC 1100a) and DVD+R’s read perfectly in all 4 drives :d The LG drive said ‘Reads all discs except DVD+R’, but it turned out as ‘Only reads DVD+R recordable discs’! :X


Well aren’t BenQ and phillips collaborating on chip design anyway? I remember a post about that a few months back. If so, then it’s hardly surprising!


I also believe the DVD+R(W) format is going to be the winner. I will not buy a dual-format DVD burner because I don’t plan to burn DVD-R(W). On the other side, normally DVD-R media are cheaper than DVD+R (that must have to change soon):slight_smile:


You are right about Benq and philips are working together when it comes to dvd writers.
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Media prices between -r and +r look to be quite country dependant.


I have a dual writer. I find myself using DVD-R most of the time. I’ve probably burned 100 DVD-r’s, 12 DVD+R, 3 DVD-RW and one Sony DVD+RW that Ive reused 10 times. I use them on a Samsung DVD Player, an Xbox and a PS2. My Xbox doesn’t read DVD+R’s, but that is drive dependent since the xbox uses multiple drives (mine has a samsung) I use DVD-R mainly only because of the 70c/disk Price.