BenQ ATAPI Dual - software?

Just landed an OEM of this drive, specifically the 8X4X12 Dual DVD burner. As such, it came without software.

Have tried (unsuccessfully, mind you) Prassi PrimoDVD2, BHQ’s B’s Recorder Gold 5, and Alcohol120%.

Any insights from those that have been successful? Preciate it.

So you have an 822a? Nero works just fine with it.

Prassi ONES works great too:

Try DVD Shrink 3.2 and if you want extra high quality make sure to use (check off) deep analysis and AEC (default is sharp) … it’s on the next menu when you hit back up. r-authore mode does main movie only… just drop and drag. Install the latest DVD Decrypter and Shrink will use DVD Decrpter to burn with. Shrink will also by-pass any protection. this is all freeware and I’m talking about backing up a movie. Just data files I like nero.

Yep, Shrink worked, but I was looking for something to also backup PS2/XBOX titles (you know, legit like… ones I own. Yeah, that’s it!)

Spent the coin on ONES… did indeed work like a charm. Thanks for the link, alien. Came to about $30 canadian, but nonetheless, money well spent.

DVD decrptyer is suppose to do games, if you have any problems with ONES.