BenQ announces the CD-RW 4812P (48/12/48)

I just posted the article BenQ announces the CD-RW 4812P (48/12/48).

BenQ, formerly known as Acer Communications & Multimedia, is shipping their latest CD-RW drive, the CD-RW 4812P. Just two days ago the same company announced the CD-RW 4816P. This is the same drive…

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I am numb to these new high speed cd-rw drives they don’t do anything for me. No excitment. I do wish they had a 4 meg buffer or a buffer where you could stick a compact flash card in or something nice like illuminated faceplate. :slight_smile: Speed is not everything. I need style and gizmos.

If only there was a SCSI version. And yeah 2MB of buffer, WTF? Currently I only like Teac CDW540E which has 8MB of buffer and it is a very good burner with a lot of features for better burns. If only it was a SCSI version… :frowning:

Yawn Still only 12x Rewrite. And only 12x if you buy rare, expensive high speed rewritable CDs. There is no need for a larger buffer due to the seamless link technology. The buffer is monitored throughout the burn. This will determine where endrec point is when an underrun is going to occur and pauses burning and resumes at that point when buffer fills again. This is fool proof burning.