BenQ And POMSC001 002



I burn the game The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth and the result it was disappointment.But the DVD it was readable in DVD Rom :slight_smile: Why?


It you look at the beginning of the scan all high PI errors are here. PO errors also related to the start.

LOTRBFME has Safedisc as protection, and the errors are related to Safedisc unreadable sectors.

The disc is readable except the Safedisc area.

What burnprogram did you use.


I burn it with Alcohol120% 4x.


And what about this.I burn it with Nero 4x.The data is knight rider season1.The disc quality it stopit because appear critical error.


You better upgrade firmware to latest B7T9.

That spike at 1.5 Gb is bad media.