Benq and nvidia ide drivers or better ms ide drivers?



Its a question im asking me since i bought the benq is it better to use the nvidia ide drivers or the ms ones ?!


I have never heard of or seen anyone who had a better experience. I have heard of many, many problems solved by returning to MS drivers.


So i should go back to the ms ide drivers ?


Go back to the MS IDE drivers! While I did not have any crashes with the Nvidia drivers, my +RW disks do not often play in my Philips home DVD player. With the MS drivers, they always play fine.


Nvidia IDE drivers can perform significantly better in many disk I/O circumstances, but they can also have compatability issues, some of which are very severe. MS drivers are often (but not always) slower, but they are a lot more compatible with everything.


I had the problem that with the MS drivers the Jitter in the qualitytest was no longer reportet. With nvidia drivers that problem went away.
But I normally would also recommend using the MS drivers - as long you don’t have problems with them like I had.


i’m currently using the latest nvidia ide driver (from the nforce 5.10 package) and everything works nicely. i’ve got an nforce2 chipset. from a few things i’ve read the nforce3’s ide is possibly a bit more troublesome though that could be untrue.

when i installed the nvidia ide driver i did have some problems with the installed ASPI version (installed using ForceASPI). i fixed this by getting Nero’s WNASPI32.DLL and copying it over the old one in c:\windows\system32 (backing up the old one first, of course!).

i’d say if you’re not having any problems stick with the nvidia driver.


How can one go back to the MS IDE drivers?
What to do?


You have to go into control panel -> system -> hardware -> device manager -> ide/ATAPI controllers -> right click “update driver” -> don’t connect to windows update -> install from list or specific location -> don’t search (I will choose driver to install -> select “standard dual channel PCI IDE controller” -> next -> reboot.


Or you can simply use the Add/Remove Software in the Control Panel and select the nvidia driver package, it then will ask you which component you want do uninmstall.


Last time I tried that Windows automatically reinstalled the Nvidia drivers as being the best match with the hardware. That’s why I like to force it to install a specific driver, rather than just uninstall the old one and leave it to Windows to choose a replacement.


Been using Nvidia drivers from day one, no problems at all.


Nvidia drivers can bring problems if you also use ASPI !!! I don’t use ASPI so I kept my very good Nvidia driver and I am happy with it !!!


Is there any gain of using ASPI or not use it?


Heh… most programs are build for ASPI… there is no way you can avoid of ASPI use if the program doesn’t support STPI. Still the use of ASPI instead of STPI is recommended (for PlexTools for example).
Also there are more ASPI libraries… most common and the most buggy is the Adaptec ASPI library (Force ASPI) which wasn’t build for CD/DVD Burners anyway. There is also Nero ASPI which all Nero applications use… this library is more suited for CD/DVD burners because it was build only for them in mind. Nero ASPI also works without problem with NVidia IDE drivers so if a program that uses ASPI has problems it may be good to copy Nero ASPI from Nero directory to the programs directory and see what happends.


What protocol does Nero CDSpeed uses? STPI, ASPI or Nero ASPI?


Nero ASPI… as I said all Nero applications use Nero ASPI.


Can i change that? It seems that Nero ASPI is VERY buggy (on my PC) when doing quality scans with my BenQ 1620. DVDInfo works much better with STPI. But I don’t like DVDInfo :sad:


Hmm… you could copy WNASPI32.DLL from Windows\System32 directory if you have ForceASPI installed to the directory where Nero has his ASPI stored (C:\program files\Ahead\Nero by default) and don’t forget to backup WNASPI32.DLL in Nero directory (prior copying rename it to WNASPI32.DLL2 for example).

To force Nero CD/DVD speed to use STPI is however impossible… STPI is something completely different than ASPI. =)


I’ll give it a try…