BenQ 8X+R media on sale for $59.99 for a pack of 200

Hi, I went to futureshop this morning and was surprised to find pack of 200 8X+R media by BenQ for only $59.99. I bought it home and checked it with dvdinfopro and looks like it’s made by Daxon. Media id is DaxonAZ2. It’s supposed to burn at 16x in my BenQ 1620, I did a full burn but it didn’t reach more then 12X speed. I have hacked nero to show the actual write speed and it didn’t go above 11.7. I guess it could be the WOPC kicking in. But the scan was pretty good, got a rating of 97.

DAXON AZ2 is more common in Singapore (you can start your search here: My own personal experience (and that of many others in Singapore) indicates that the media has some QC issues… quality is variable, and we generally don’t feel too safe overspeeding it beyond 12x.

I did a full test burn to see if it would go upto 16X and it did reach 15.99 as end writing speed. But I don’t really like the scanned results, the errors are kind of high towards the end of the disc.

I had bought a 50 pack of these after I got my BenQ 1620. They burn very well at 12x but at 16x they have been horrible for me.

With each new firmware I give them a try but still no 16x love :slight_smile: