BENQ 8X -R fujifilm and BENQ1620 (BtV9) issues

Anyone who bought these from Futureshop during xmas and having problems burning ? All of a sudden, i am getting these coasters and i can see rings on the surface after the burn. I tried another media and it works just fine. I have upgraded to latest B7V9 (1620).



I used Decrypter and clonedvd (both latest ver) when i had the coaster. I disabled WOPC, took a disc from bottom of stack and burned with nero. This one was fine. Hopefully, it was disabling wopc that did the trick. I loved decrypter.

What is the MID of your fuji? Fuji -Rs can be CMCMAGAE1, FUJIFILM03 or TYG02. Check with DVD.Identifier ( I never get good burn with FUJIFILM03. CMCMAG.AE1 is ok but not great, however TYG02 always been great.

Mine are FUJIFILM03. They are sold under benq name

I bought two boxes of 200 of those during the boxing day sale. They are fantastic discs for the price, but since I upgraded the firmware and started a new spindle of 100, I’ve been getting quality score anywhere from a horrid 40-something to low-90s. I used to consistently get mid-to-high 90s for my first spindle of 100 I burned.

I’m guessing that either this is a spindle of lower quality discs, or the firmware screwed up my drive (which is unlikely). I’ve tried older firmwares and close to the end of the disc I get a lot of PI errors – I think I got a bad spindle. Anyway, how do you disable WOPC in decrypter?

hi sfernan and slickgino
Did you guys use the readspeed patch?

I used it, but I still get DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink ripping at about 2.2x tops.

Ah, I found QSuite. I’ll try that out.

Hi slickgino

Did you try changing back to the previous firmware version that you use? Did the problem still exist?

Yes, I tried B7T9 (which was what I was using previously), and B7P9. Both yielded lots of PI errors near the end of the scan. I’m guessing I got a bad batch of discs, or I’ve worn out my drive by lots of use in a short time (I’ve burned over 250 DVDs in a span of a couple of months).

From my experience you can get better burns w/FUJIFILM03 by changing the write strats ( with MCSE by ala42:bow:) to the TYG02 one.

You will not be able to burn them at higher speed than 8x (also if it shows 16x) but you will get better burns! Try this !

I’ll try it and see how it works out. Thanks.

I tried disabling WOPC, and got my first coaster with this media. I guess whatever works for you :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me :frowning:

Here is a scan of a FUJIFILM03 burned at 8x w/TYG02 strat!

Hm, that’s not too good. I’ve had better luck than that, although not a full burn. See the changing write strategies thread for more scan at TYG02.

Yes , you got a really good burn compared to mine!!! I think best results can be obtained with older FW (T9 or U9).
I’ll investigate! Stay tuned!!!

@slickgino : take a look here !
Maybe I’ve found something!!!

Anyway , I’m sure i’ve got a batch of B-Grade FUJIFILM03 media.
Yours are better than mine.
I suggest my strat-swap for FUJIFILM03 B-Grade media only!!!
BYE @ ALL!!! :wink:

I think you did get a batch of lower quality media. Is yours BenQ branded?

No , they are branded “MEDIA”!!!

Hahaha. Mine are branded BenQ. Don’t buy “MEDIA” next time :wink: