BenQ 8X +R - any good?



Chance to buy these cheaply - I`m on B7T9 firmware.
What kind of results are they capable of?




Cannot really tell you coz I never had this (not available here I think), but read



As far as i’m concern, there pretty good. Not the best, but a good alternative.


They also burn at 16x pretty well too.


Thanks for your replies all.

Gonna try a few.




Hey wassup all. Im new here, can anybody tell me if I should use the b7s9 firmware or the B7t9? I just wanted to know which one would give me better scans. Thanks for any help.


Welcom the the forum.
Use B7T9 it is newer. Check this out for more info on B7T9

You won’t really find anyone here using B7S9 as it was made specifically for lower quality media in the Chinese market


I had both BenQ +R and -R. See this post for more details:


I use the 8x +R for non important backups, and thus far no problems. Future Shop still has the 200 packs on sale for 59.99 until March 21. So I would say get them while they are cheap!


Thanks Sammy for the info.