BenQ 8X DVD+R Blank Media 4.7GB

is this good media?

BenQ 8X DVD+R Blank Media 4.7GB General Purpose DVDPlusR Discs in Cake Box
Manufacturer Part#: 98.A1366.TQ0

and how much should 100 pack of this cost?

Yes, search the forums, it burns at 16x on some drives. A spindle of 100 is regularly $129.00 at Future Shop but they were selling two spindles, so 200 pieces on sale for $59.99 but not in the store, online order only and I believe the sale is over now.


This is good media as ive been using this since june 2004. The 200 cakebox is still priced at C$59.99. I bought 2 boxes last december and last week i was accidentally offered another box because the salesman knew that i was always looking for those. of course i still bought it. what i suggest to you is go to FS and look for one and if there’s none, ask for a raincheck, which is good for a month. who knows, you might get lucky…

And it burns 16x on my BenQ 1620 pro which i also got from FS last week.
C$ 89.99 after 50 MIR.

Yep the AZ2 also burns at 16x on the regular 1620 fw. It is also oversped to 12x on a number of drives including NEC I believe. My LG 4163B (also from FS $89.99 after rebate :)), being on the conservative side burns them at 8x. But on the other hand burn quality is quite a bit better than scans of some overspeed burns of this media.

Since I can buy these at fairly cheap I’m assuming they’d be the same Daxon AZ2 and such? I’m looking at possibly buying a big bulk next time I really need media and this stuff is so cheap I could really stock up big time. :slight_smile: Meritline has them for 30 cents per disc for the shiney silver and 32 cents for the white inkjet printables I believe I got the prices right. :slight_smile: Sounds like good stuff - can anyone confirm if they will burn at 12x in the NEC ND3500AG? :slight_smile:

An interesting note, it seems more recent batches of AZ2 sent to FS doesn’t have the stacking ring on the discs, while the batch sold during Boxing week and early January did have the stacking ring.