BenQ 8x DVD+R 100 pack at Meritline for $19.99

Anyone tried BenQ DVD+R’s …

Meritline has the 8x DVD+Rs 100 pack for $24.99 - ($5 coupon code MD1040865OFF). Includes free shipping.

Link :-

They are Daxon AZ2, which is decent media and I know some people really like it. Good price, I’d like to order some to try out but I have too much media as it is… Tempting… :stuck_out_tongue:

DAXON AZ2 is decent and rather good for everyday usage and 20 $ for 100 discs is good price , the cheapest I’ve seen here in Egypt is 29 $ per 100
In fact , Benq media is cheaper than fake media here :bigsmile:

this is the only decent media code that I never own before, very tempting to give it a shot

I picked a bunch up from Meritline a while back for $18/100. Haven’t had problems with many discs, I know my Litey likes burning them. PIF are pretty good, PIEs on the higher side.