BenQ 8x DVD+R 100 pack at Meritline for $18.99

100 Pack BenQ 8X DVD-R Blank Media 4.7GB General Purpose DVDR Discs in Cake Box:

$23 - $5 code MD1022855OFF = $18 with free shipping.

Link to old post then was $19. Solid media for cheap unless you blacklisted Meritline.

Anyone know what the media code these things are?


DAXON008S, most likely. :Z

I bought 200 of these about a month ago, and they were MIT DAXON AZ2. Good burn 'n toss discs.

The Benq deal is dead, these are a much better deal anyways:
SONY dvd at Sears price matched to $12.99 at Best Buy

Are you sure they are MIT ?
Because every DAXON AZ2 or AZ3 I ever saw were Made In Malisya !

All the BenQ DVD+R I bought from Meritline were MIM. As far as PIF counts only my Sony T02 looks nicer.