BenQ 822a + Prodisc 4x dvd-r, Princo 2x dvd-rw media results

Been a lurker for quite some time; grateful I found this forum as a resource in helping me decide what dvd writer drive to buy.

Here’s the info for a quality [?] burn of prodiscS03 media.
I bought these at U Computers in north york, Toronto.
$26.09 CAD for 50 spindle, “Prodisc 4x DVD-R”, I am pleased!

If you’re planning to buy from them, also note the generic $22 spindle of 50, They are Optidisk branded media but I got PI errors up in the 500 range. The generic discs were still readable though, and they have this ‘mirror’ finish that makes it look like a harddisk platter. cool!

I also bought a few Princo 2x dvd-rw discs from Canadacomputers.
Avoid them like the plague! I could burn to them but my DW882A couldn’t read what it just wrote!

hey fellow RFDer…

they lookin good, gonna hit that store soon next week when i rid myself of theses pesky g04 that will only burn correctly at 2.4x selling Prodisc tax included $30/50 and Smartbuy (prodisc code) tax included $32/50 also will match price.

thanks for the info.

I had bought the generic/unbranded 50 pack spindle form for $18 bucks that turned out to be Yi Jhan 01 disks. They burn at 4X speed but have high PO/PI error counts and the outer part of the disk has many unreadable errors.

Now at least there is a choice, the Prodisc or Smartbuy (also Prodisc) is much cheaper than some of the other brands Khypermedia\Ultran etc and the above looks like a good burn. Plus Ucomputers(mississauga) is much closer than Pacific mall for me.

So once again thanks. I will pick a a few packs next week. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The Prodisc burn looks good. I will also pick a pack for trial next week.

It sounds like that you have some coasters with Yi Jhan 01 discs. Yes, I have high PO/PI errors but my DVD players seemed to play them well. For your reference I have Daytek P871 and APEX1225.


I have an Apex 600a and it plays the Yi Jhan discs as well but by the end of the movie, usually in the credits section (I leave my credits intact), the movie will usally stutter or freeze and then carry on. But so far the main movie itself has been fine except for the high PI/PO errors.

Now I just use these disks for 4gig data or small movies.