Benq 822A Problems

I have the Benq 822A drive running on the latest firmware but am having trouble burning any DVD with any success. I can burn DVD-RW and DVD+RW successfully using nero but the discs are not recognised on a Toshiba or Pacific DVD player. However, the discs are readable in the Benq. I have also done performed Nero CD-DVD speed on the discs but get an UNRECOVERABLE READ ERROR. I am using the DVD+RW that came with the product and TDK DVD-RW. Datawrite DVD-R burn but again are not readable in a standalone player and also the dye appears to be smeared after a burn. Any ideas or does it just seem to be a faulty drive?

I am presuming by the lack of response that nobody has experienced similar so points to a faulty drive.

what is the mid of the dvd media?
try dvd+r and set the booktype to dvd-rom

I don’t know what the mid of the dvd media is but it burns fine on a friends panasonic drive. DVD+R is readable on a standalone dvd player but skips all the way through and return the same fault on the nero Cd-DVD speed.