BenQ 822A new DL firmware B3JCY

Release note:

FW package:


People in that taiwanese forum are reporting that time FW supports 8M buffer instead of 2M like the B3JCX. Enjoy. Btw plz post test result with this new FW.

Thanks for this, gonna give it a whirl

Both Nero and DVDinfopro show 8MB cache

b3jc is not new firmware b3yc is
its that damn switch tool again with new double layer capable firmware

They made some change to B3JC, because it shows 8mb buffer, where I am pretty sure it only showed 2mb before

Me thinks this drive will always be that way either DVD DL or DVD-R.

But I also think this proves a point that has been debated for some time on the number of firmware switches being a issue. (as with Omnipatcher and the liteon drives). I think we are safe in upgrading firmware (or using this tool to switch it) without worrying about hitting a limit.

I hope thats not the case. Although I have 1600@1620, it would be nice to do it all with 822 without the need of a switch tool.
The file that comes with it seems to hint that they are still working on the firmware.

what changes where made to b3jc?

as far as I have used it, it has always been 8mb. b3xc showed 2mb. hence b3yc

hey guys. Im trying to use the switch tool to get the DL capabilities, but I get an error within 2 bars of the progress indicator that says “Switching Incomplete or Interrupted”.

It says to try after a reboot, but I get the same error then.

Any ideas of why it might be saying this?

Linear Check Sum = 4B6A 4B6A
Rotated Check Sum = E3EC E3EC
Check Sum match !!
Start to swtich…
Don’t turn off the power!!

======== FAIL ========

Thats a log of the switch tool screen…

ooops… would probly help if i flashed to B3JC first. I am an idiot… hope i didnt bugger up the drive!

I’m trying to use the switch tool v.1.2.
My drive currently has FW B3HC.

When I hit the execute button after a few seconds the util tells me:

Switching FAIL
Switching incomplete or interrupted!

Please retry after reboot and ensures that the device is properly installed and detected by the operating system and remove media from the device. It is highly recommended to terminate all applications before updating.
If problem persists, please contact local dealer for assistance.

Anyone else having this problem and what can I do about it?? :confused:



I think you might need to get B3JCX to upgrade to B3XC then go to B3YC.

The post above you implies you should flash with b3jc first.

I agree 100% with @unknown1234 that the information @elfdood provided is misleading and deceptive!
The screenshot which @elfdood provided from both Nero & DVDinfopro clearly shows that DL check box was not check marked, meaning, DL was NOT set!
The 8mb therefore shown in both tests represents the Single Layer section of the drive!
Can users please remember B3JCY v1.2 is a witch switch tool with 2 radio buttons for switching between single Layer & DL?
That’s exactly what @unknown was reminding us that @elfdood’s screenshots are misleading and deceptive! The same misleading info was 1st posted by @dillee1 with language links which i can’t read so I don’t know anything about those results.
I therefore beg both @elfdood and @dillee1 or anyone that uses B3JCY v1.2 & DW822A to do all of us a great favor by coming forward, this time, with DL test results to inform all users in plain truth whether this fw reduces, please note, DL section to 2mb or not?
One cdfreaks staff member @killMe tried to answer this 2mb issue with great honesty and in detail that the switch tool worked like this:
DVD+R(W), DVD-R(W) 8MB =[DW822A]
DVD+R(W), DVD+R(DL) 2MB =[DW830A
But that applied to the early beta version B3XC. After BenQ updated the fw many times, another cdfreaks senior member @unknown1234 is explaining to us that nothing changed! But other users seem to disagree with misleading screenshots!
Please all hands on the deck! Anyone that has B3JCY should honestly tell us the fate of the 8mb buffer on DW822A DL conversion

according to above, buffer size won’t be reduced after the flash, btw the guy who answered the question there is from Benq.

I have B3IC firmware installed on my 822. I would like to upgrade my firmware to the latest without DL and the switch tool. What is the proper sequence in installing these new firmwares. TIA

upgrade to B3JC and then B3JCY, read the instruction on


Your infomation is really outdated, and please don’t make rouge comments on something you don’t know.

  1. B3JCX and it’s beta version are either:
    2MB buffer in DL mode, w/o -R support
    8MB buffer in SL mode, w -R support

  2. B3JCY and B3JCY-2 are:
    8MB buffer in DL mode, w/o -R support
    8MB buffer in SL mode, w -R support

To summerise:
B3JCY is a fix for B3JCX on that 2MB buffer shit.
B3JCY2 is a fix for B3JCY for win9x flashing hang.
B3JC* series are official firmware by benq, and don’t mix it up with pervious 830@8xxa hacks.

@beetek again

It’s maybe what you want…I hope it’s an answer for you.
The answer to your ineresting question had been confirmed about 20 days ago in Taiwanese PCDVD forum.
B3YC and B3YC-2 do support 8MB buffer.:slight_smile: