Benq 822a internal memory problems (?)

I have this drive a year in a mobo gigabyte 7VRXP with via kt333 chipset and it worked fine. Now since i upgrade my mobo to a gigabyte 7VT600PRZ i can’t burn anything. In Nero i can erase rw cd , but when it came to write it when it try to access the buffer memory (says failure of communication).
When i try to flash a firmware it detects the drive, but then again give an error to verify if the drive is correctly detected by the OS.
In device manager all seems fine, atapi 8x4x12 ide udma2.
The drive is instaled as master with a Lite On DVD Rom unit set as slave in a ata 133 cable.

Any sugestions…
Thanks in advance.

Hmm i would say try to burn something when the litey isnt on the cable.
In other words disconnect the litey and try again.
If that doesnt help try to change from master to slave.