BenQ 822A doesn't like BenQ 4x DVD-R

The drive burns RiData, ProDisc, and Verbatim media without too much trouble. They had BenQ media on sale at the local future shop, so I figured it might work better – they are the same brand after all.

Nope. The drive won’t even let me burn them. Even if I try to burn a disc with well below the disc maximum (I went as low as 2Gigs), Nero would complain that there isn’t enough space on the disc. If I do an override this and do it as an overburn, it will burn, but will crap out and coasterize on the lead-out.

It’s not the media, as it burns on my old LG GSA-4040B without problems (and with a very low error rate too). It IDs as SONY04D1.

It’s not the first time this drive has been picky about DVD-R media, but it just seems weird that it doesn’t care for its own brand.

I didn’t even know that Benq labels DVD-R. And I will never understand why people insist on burning DVD-R with a burner coming out of the plus-army…

Don’t take it personally! Where I live the prices for + and - are really the same. So why should I bother trying - when I know that the drive does not use all of its features on those discs?!

My advice: Contact Benq about the issue and ask them what to do. And pls tell us what they said.

Also try the J version firmware if you already haven’t.

It’s not a lot better with the +R either.

I too picked up some BenQ +R 4X media from FutureShop sale and was generally disapointed with it. The only way a can get good burns with it is to slow the burn down to 2X. And this is with both the newest B3JC and the previous B3IC firmware.

Guys try some Richohjpnr01 4x + (or TY 4x) which burns at 8x and you can get it for 50 cents, at least in the U.S… read the threads and you can find media that burns great with taht burn and at a good price.

Burning 8X with Benq 4X +R here without any problems, also cheapo Longten 002 4X DVD+R at 8X too, this drive rocks with +R media, -R is not bad, at least better than my old LG 4040 and 4081

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, BenQ dvd+r media is one of the best media you can find for BenQ DW822A! Check out some of the scans with different media here:

The BenQ DW822A does of course work excellent with BenQ dvd+r brand media! Highly recommended.

And like KillMe already stated, why are you people wasting your money buying dvd-r media which doesn’t burn great on DW822A and doesn’t allow for bitsetting??? I bought so far over 300 dvd+r media and they all show good scans, especially the BenQ dvd+r media! :iagree:

cause my dvd player and xbox like dvd-r media and the 822 and 1620 burn -r media quite decent :stuck_out_tongue:

I find more DVD Players accepting MINUS discs than PLUS. Lately, I’ve had some success setting the PLUS disc’s Book Type to “ROM” and achieving a slightly higher success but it’s still fairly low.

Well honestly mcheu, Sony makes those discs, not BenQ. BenQ just slaps its name on them. And being from the DVD+RW Alliance, BenQ drives like +R/RW better. Brand name for media often means very little.

I know that. I actually mentioned this. However, a couple of points which some in this thread seem to be missing:

  1. The 822A is marketed as a DVD+/-RW drive. It’s not that much of a stretch for someone to actually believe this drive is capable of burning DVD-R media and it does it fairly well for some brands of media like Ritek and Verbatim.

  2. If BenQ is going to put their name on the media, it’s not unreasonable to believe that it’s compatible with their drives. Whether they manufactured it or not, they did put their name on it. You seem to be suggesting that because BenQ didn’t manufacture it, they shouldn’t be responsible for it. That’s kind of a dangerous attitude to take, considering that BenQ doesn’t actually manufacture most of their products. They’re a distribution arm of Acer Corp. Just about everything they sell is made by someone else.

  3. This isn’t an attack on BenQ products or on you because you chose to buy a BenQ product – heck, I bought a BenQ product. This posting was meant to do two things. First, to give a heads up to people who bought a BenQ drive that there might be a possible incompatibility with this particular media. Second, to see if this is an isolated case or if someone else has experienced this because Sony 4x media is supposed to be on the recommended list for this drive.

822A compatible media list

Oh yeah. I was using B3IC, but updated to B3JC earlier today. Still no joy with the BenQ media, and still waiting for BenQ’s reply on the matter.

I too read the same article before buying the disks.

Unfortunately, my results are different - I’ve attached a scan so you can see them for yourself. Either the 822 firmware has changed (for the worse for this disc type) or the DaxonAZ1 formulation itself has somehow changed. This problem repeats for both 8X and 4X burns. However, the burn is nearly perfect when burned at 2X, so that’s how I will use up the disks.

The 822 burner is good - I get near perfect results for CMC MAG F01 HP 4X discs when burned at 8X, so I believe the problem to be specific to the BenQ media.

That said, I’ve seen worse scans from my LiteOn 451. The discs are likely still readable on most readers - but I don’t like the burn quality. That’s why I moved from the LiteOn burner to the BenQ burner - to avoid marginal burns.

Futureshop was also selling a 5-pack of 8X BenQ +R media discs - DazonAZ2. Unlike the 4X +R discs, these ones do burn nearly perfect on the 822.

To me it looks like the media is ok. because at some places it is written nearly perfect. To me it seems like the benq does not know how to handle the disc and thats why changes from one writing-strategy to the other again and again; with terrible results.
That might be the reason why I use unly the major brands that are surely included in the firmware on my 822 and didn’T run into trouble until now.
In most tests that I saw the 822 showed that it’s unable to handle unknown media in a good way.

Also it might be a problem with your burner. I once had a 822 which produced such results with ritek and philips. I exchenged it against another 822 and now everything is fine…

Attached a scan of the defective 822:

:iagree: I’m with alien777, since I started burning DVD’s three months with my 822a B3IC, I burned a 50 cakebox of Ritek 4x -R with only 2 coasters due to minor CRC read errors that showed up as freeze/skips on my recent model Sony DVD Player. I then burned another 100 cakebox of FutureShop e3 Works AN35 4x -R discs, also with only about 3 coasters with the same few CRC errors. Then I tried some FutureShop Cicero 4X +R el-cheapos… not an error in the bunch. THEN, I FOUND THE BENQ 4X DAXON AZ1 +R (OEM FOR SONY) - FANTASTIC AT 4X, AS RATED, FLAWLESS PLAYBACK ON MY SONY SET-TOP PLAYER BUT DON’T LET THE 8X CAV TEASE FOOL YOU ON THIS DAXON MEDIA… FIRST MOVIE I TRIED BACKING UP AT THAT SPEED DIDN’T GET PAST ‘DIRTY DISK’ AT PLAY TIME ON MY SONY!!! I WILL DEFINATELY BE STICKING WITH THE BENQ 4X +R AT 50c each Canadian on sale. OUT…