BENQ 822A burning speed question

Anyone who owns this particular burner:

Will this device burn discs at lower than 4x speed. Particularly will it burn at 1x or 2x. Media in question is DVD-R.

I don’t care about the maximum speed, ironically, I want to know the MINIMUM speed. (See the Benq 1610 thread I started).

Did the store offer to trade your DW1610 for a DW822A?

I think it is 2.4X but I always use 4X and Prodisc S03 is very friendly with this drive.

Yes, the store is going to trade me the 1610 for a 822A. My only reservation is that I burn only on DVD-r media as mine and my sisters stand-alone DVD players are finicky towards +R… I require a speed of 1x or 2x because my sisters player in particular plays burns really crappy if at all at speeds higher than 2x

You know with BenQs setting the booktype to DVD-ROM you’ll probably be able to play +s in you and your sister’s players. You ought to try it.

why trade 1610 for 822? why not get 1620 that is a much better -r writer