BenQ 822A "biased" on Quality Tests?



I have an XP Pro with SP2 machine, with a P4 3.0C processor and 2 160 GB drives. I have a Pioneer 107D with Gradius 1.18 FW, NEC 2500A with Herries 1.07 v2b5 FW, a BenQ 800@822A with BCI3 FW, and a Samsung DVD Rom. I currently have on hand the following blank media:

Princo 4X (Princo)
Taiyo-Yuden 8X (TYG02)
TDK 4x (TTG01)
Verbatim 4X (MCC 01RG20)
PioData 8X (G05)
RiData 4x (G04)
Ritek 4x (G04)

Memorex 4X (RICOHJPNR01)
Verbatim 8X (MCC 003)

I’ve burned several of these different media (at rated speeds) in all three burners and then used the Disk Quality test of Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.21 on the BenQ to compare the burns. In nearly every test, the disk burned on the BenQ burner had the lowest errors and the highest Quality score. Now, if I run the test again on my Samsung DVD Rom using Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.12 (a bug in the older software seems to allow the test to be run on this drive - PI Errors are always rediculously high even on the best burns and media, but PI Failures appear to possibly be accurate), the Pioneer and NEC drives get fewer errors, at least on the -R media. As has been discussed in numerous threads on this forum, this would seem to make sense as the BenQ is not known for high quality -R burns. I mean, TY is great media, but I don’t think anyone would believe that -R Taiyo-Yuden’s burn better on a BenQ than on either a Pioneer or an NEC! (Personally, I think the NEC is better with TY and Princo, and the Pioneer is better with Ritek media, but I digress… :slight_smile: )

Has anyone else observed similar results? I bought the BenQ drive because of it’s reported compatability with Nero CD/DVD Speed Media Quality test (and the fact that it was only $40 at Office Max a couple weeks ago!) But I’m starting to think that I may not be getting very accurate results. I think it gives me better +R burns than the NEC, but how can I be sure?



Simple answer: because BenQ DW822A burns the dvd+r media better then any other maker! No one can beat BenQ & Philips when it comes to dvd+r media!
As for the dvd-r media, I don’t care and I don’t buy them anyway (since no bitsetting possible).



So you don’t say who comes out best in + media withthe Samsung? It would be interesting to see what a plextor or lite-on would give you.


Hi placeway,

I would say that perhaps the statement “BenQ is not known for high compatibility -R burns” might perhaps be a bit more accurate. I have both a LiteOn 451 burner and a BenQ 822 burner and the Prodisc -R scans from discs burned on the BenQ are near perfect when scanned on the LiteOn. But those discs are spit back out when I put them in my Philips 642 DVD player while they play fine if I burn them on the LiteOn…

I agree with alien777 - the BenQ 822 really is a great +R burner. Unfortunately, the same thing apparently cannot be said (at least not yet) about the BenQ 1620 replacement for their 822 burner…


My DW1620 is excellent, with perfect burns (+R of course). Why do you state otherwise please?

My 822a is also awesome.


yes please tell us what problems you are refering to with regards to benq and +R media.

Could it be that you didn’t properly wrote what you meant. you said you agree with alien777 and he states benq is uber with + media.


Uber, LOL. Great term. :smiley:


Hi Pinan,

I guess I’m a bit sensitive to marginal KProbe scans since I’ve been spoiled by the absolutely GREAT scans from my 822 burner (as opposed to some marginal ones that I used to get when I burned them on my 451 LiteOn burner).

I’ve attached two KProbe scans of a cheap HP 4X CMC MAG F01 disc that I burned with my BenQ 822 at 8X and scanned on my LiteOn 451 at both 4X and 8X. I grabbed the disc at random from my collection and scanned it; most of them will scan pretty much the same as this one.

It was the following CDRInfo review link detailing the +R KProbe scan results that I found the most distrubing:

I admit that most of the 1620 results are probably quite acceptable - but they’re not anywhere near as perfect as the ones my 822 consistently gives me.


Heh. Check mine out here:

They all look like that. 16x is almost as good. :wink:


Yep, your scans look great - but then again, it looks like you’re using the best discs in the world to do it - Taiyo Yuden!


Check out this thread for some Prodisk R03’s and a 16x Phillips.

All in all, the TY’s seem more consistant. But then…I didn’t buy a great burner to put crummy media into it. That and the fact that the TY’s were only 60 cents each. :wink:


I didn’t buy a great burner just to put the more expensive media or the best but for its well rounded quality with all kinds of media. :iagree: :wink: and I got my media all at 40 cents each. not the best kind but burns just like it.


Sounds like my Prodisc. About 45 cents each. But spending the extra 15 cents each won’t break me, and guarantees and awesome burn. Well worth it to me, considering a year ago these were $2 each.

The anal side of me loves seeing the PI in the -10 area, PIF in the -4. Even though I know it’s fine to be way above that…I just can’t take it!! LOL

Heck. Media is so cheap now, I make mobiles out of it. :wink:

Uber burner. Hehe




Just a warning – I tried the S03 on this drive and it won’t make a working burn of PS2 games. Others have reported the same issue with not loading on some DVD players and other issues with -R. It has nothing to do with the media, and I’ve tried Longten which did they same thing.


S03??? for what drive?


Longten 001 didn’t work for my 822, they worked perfectly at 4X with my LG4040 and 40841 but 822 only at 2.4x and coasters.

I am using cheapo VDSPMSAB 01 and Onidtech media code 4X DVD-R now and no problem at 4X and with my Philips 642 standalone DVD player. Can’t complaint, they are only about CAD$15 after tax per 50 spindle.

btw, my 822 is connected via an UDMA 33 cable (not 66) as primary drive on secondary channel (nforce 2 chipset with latest nforce 2 ide drivers)


In my experience,
Benq 800a or 822a can make a fair quality on DVD-R but poor compability to DVD Player.

But most DVD-R media burned by 800a or 822a can be played smoothly in DVD-ROM drives.