Benq 822a B3IC media list

Where or how I can get the media list for the 822 B3IC?


Maybe there is something like that. I think I read something like this for DVD-R(W) discs here in the forum, when the firmware was announced.

But most people do it the other way around. Ask what media you would like to use, and what the experience of others were like with these media.
Or use the forum-search with these media-names.

Is there really a DVD-RW media for 822A that it can record and read back? Pls advise.

I believe this refers to the original firmware release for the 822A but here is a cut and paste from Benq’s user forum:

2.4X (+R)

MCC+R 2.4x
CMC+R 2.4x
Ritek+R 2.4x
OPTO+R 2.4x OP2

4X (+R)

MKM+R 4x
Ricoh+R 4x
TY+R 4x
TY+R 4x dash
Sony+R 4x
Maxell+R 4x
Daxon+R 4x
CMC+R 4x
TDK+R 4x
Prodisc+R 4x
BeAll+R 4x
MBI+R 4x
NanYA+R 4x
Ritek+R 4x
GigaStorage+R 4x
MPO+R 4x
Ritek+R M02 4x
NanYA+R 8x RJB

8X (+R)

Ricoh+R 8x
Sony+R 8x
MKM+R 8x
Philips +R 8x
TY+R 8x
Prodisc+R 8x
CMC+R 8x
Ritek+R H02 8x
Longten+R 8x Must002
Philips+R 8x C08
NanYa+R 8x CHX
Ritek+R CH1 8x
MBI 8x
LeadData+R 8x

1X&2X (-R)

CMC DVD-R 1x/2x
MKM DVD-R 1x/2x
Ritek DVD-R 1x/2x (L16-type)
Sony DVD-R 1x/2x (OEM by Daxon)
TDK DVD-R 1x/2x (G02-type)
Maxell DVD-R 1x/2x
Fujifilm DVD-R 1x/2x
MBI DVD-R 1x/2x
Prodisc DVD-R 1x/2x

4X (-R)

Ritek DVD-R 4x (L19-type)
Ritek DVD-R 4x (MS-type)
Sony DVD-R 4x (OEM by Daxon)
Sony DVD-R 4x (from Japan)
PioData DVD-R 4x (OEM by Leaddata)
Leaddata DVD-R 4x
GST DVD-R 4x (GSC001-type)
GST DVD-R 4x (GSC002-type)
Prodisc DVD-R 4x
BeAll DVD-R 4x
Maxell DVD-R 4x
Infodisc DVD-R 4x
Nanya DVD-R 4x
Princo DVD-R 4x
Fujifilm DVD-R 4x

Release reasons for B3EC:
1.Support 8x DVD-R writing (TAIYO YUDEN, Maxell & Ritek 8x DVD-R media)
2.Improve the writing quality of Longten 8x DVD+R media

Release reasons for B3HC: ??

Release reasons for B3IC:

  1. Improve the writing quality for E-top, Interaxia, BeAll, VIVA and UmeDisc 8x DVD+R media.
  2. Modify the writing strategy for TDK, CMC & Daxon 8x DVD-R media
  3. Solve the failure in making DVD-R (multi-border) by DVD copy itself/ on-the-fly copy function.

Don’t use 4X DVD-R with longten 001 code, only 2.4X allow with the 822a and B3IC firmware, movie pause and skip a lot, these media has no problem with LG 4040 4081 and NEC 2500 at 4X so I think the odd speed of 2.4x burn with -R media is causing it.

Release reason for B3HC:
Update writing strategy

Great list but no DVD-RW. Back to square 1, with 822A write/burn OK but cannot read by itself.

I think it’s safe to assume that the 822a supports at least the same DVD-RW as the dual firmware on the 800a. That being said, that doesn’t leave many choices:


CMC 2x
Mitsubishi 2x
Ritek 2x
SONY 3x (?)
TDK 2x

what is the difference between the 2 riteks

Did you actually burn these DVD-RW discs and found them readable by 822A or just only heresay.

No, I haven’t burnt these disks. The list was from the release notes of the 800a dual firmware.

As far as the two different Ritek 4x -R media types, I’m not sure what the difference is either. Both are RitekG04. Perhaps the dye is different. More info on Ritek compatability with the 822a and other drives is listed here:

I don’t see Prodisc +R 2.4x on this list. Anyone know if it will burn Prodisc +R 2.4x?

What’s the addy of the Benq forum?

I would stay away from these -RWs, since the 4x DVD+RW disc is faster and cheaper.

The BenQ forum can be fount at:

Thanks bud. :bigsmile:

has anyone had experience burning those media above??? :confused:

It won’t be smart to use DVD-RW instead of 4x DVD+RW at 800A or 822A. :slight_smile:

I tried Princo DVD-RW 2x and failed. The disc is unreadable now.