Benq 822 8x dvd-r!



at singapur you can download th enew firm to burn 8x on dvd-r!



not sure what the difference is between the two.


Release Date:04/05/20, Firmware (B3HC)

Looks legit. Haven’t tested.


FYI. It’s true.

There are two firmware releases posted at for the DW 822a

Firmware: B3EC
Release date: 04/05/11

Firmware: B3HC
Release date: 04/05/20

I don’t have Benq DW822a but am seriously thinking about getting one. Was just researching the site when I came across this.


I don’t see anything at either of the links.



Tried the link before and it worked fine.

Anyway just go to the download centre at

Pick dvd rewriter, firmware, english, winxp as choices and finally the dw822a model and you will get to the above page. Just tried it and it works.


My link works fine. You have to link straight to the firmware zip file.



RitekG05 8x DVD-R still works at 4x…(Using B3HC)


Looking for a BenQ Expert…

Have a DW822A installed in External USB 2.0 Enclosure. Drive worked great with original firmware B3BC. Re-flashed with B3HC and NOW have problems. After flashing B3HC rebooting the laptop but did not power down 822A. Firmware B3HC is displayed via DVDInfoPro and drive seams to work correctly. After power down of drive and laptop the device manager doesn’t display the 822 drive anymore.

The same thing happen when I re-flashed a DW800A in a different USB case two months ago. I am going to try to re-flash on an IDE connect at a friend’s house.

It appears to me because of my two attempts to up-flash a BenQ drive via a USB connection, that BenQ’s FLASHER has a problem with anything that not IDE connected…

Any HELP on this issue ???


B3BC worked with both internal IDE and external USB.
B3EC & B3HC only work as an internal drive (external USB doesn’t work).
No way to restore B3BC as per USA Tech Support.
Reported to BenQ and HELP asked for !!!


Yes, heard of these nasty usb-probs with some firmware-revisions on the 800 already!! Thought the had sorted that out for all times…

I think there are to ways: get a tool to go back to b3bc and/or ask them to solve the issue (again) in the next firmware. because you surely don’t want to get stuck ( ;O) ) with b3bc for all times…


DW822A “AS” External !!!
Was able to obtain a copy of the original B3BC Firmware. Will FLASH today and let you know my results. Found on a “TW” site that the board recomments 1394 only. Too many problems with BenQ Firmware when used a USB External.

Just think of all the money BenQ is out when they have to take back a drive under warranty because of a bad flash…


DW822A “AS” External !!!
Re-flashed wirh B3BC and the 822A now functions again in a USB 2.0 External Case. Please be warned that using the B3HC and B3EC only work on an internal IDE 822A installation !!!


What does the firmware fix or upgrade in the 822a?


B3HC provides DVD-R @ 8X and DVD-RW @ 4X.


Thanks bud. I find it hard to get the info about the firmware updates. Are there any links out there as I went to BenQ and didn’t find anything?


OC-Freak said:
RitekG05 8x DVD-R still works at 4x…(Using B3HC)

Looks like the G06 is supported but not the G05…

From the release notes for the B3EC fw.

Release reasons:

1.Support 8x DVD-R writing (TAIYO YUDEN, Maxell & Ritek-G06 8x DVD-R media)
2.Improve the writing quality of Longten 8x DVD+R media[/b]

No release note for B3HC.

I have some of that TAIYO YUDEN showing up here tomorrow.
We’ll see how it works…


As I knew from a friend, TY 8x DVD-R really has 8x option @ B3HC. :slight_smile:


starless said:
As I knew from a friend, TY 8x DVD-R really has 8x option @ B3HC.

Well? What kind of results did he get?
I will be testing this media tonite…


Well, I got screwed by
I ordered some Taiyo-Yuden -R 8x media and they sent me RITEKG05:

        Drive Type = DVD DUAL 
         Disc Type = DVD-R (Single Layer)
          Disc MID = 52 49 54 45 4B 47 (RITEKG)
          Disc TID = 00 04 30 35 00 00 (..05..)
  Nominal Capacity = 4.38GB
Manufacturer Maybe = RiTEK Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 8.0X (Write)

It clearly stated on the product page “Made by Taiyo-Yuden”

A cut from my email receipt…

Name                      Code              Qty   Each  Options
10 Pack PioData 8X DVD-R  102-235-010         1  18.20
4.7GB High Speed Blank
Media General Purpose
DVDR Disc in Jewel Case
(Made by Taiyo-Yuden),
$1.82 each

On their website at the time of order…