BenQ 800 firmware update to 4x DVD-R available

The new firmware update to 4x DVD-R is now available.



Did you download it yet? How’s it?

Many fellows said that it had been taken out from the website!

Yes I noticed that. I emailed BenQ as to why it was removed and have not gotten a reply.

Hopefully it was removed in order to improve it. The kprobe I got from a ritekG04 at 4x with the BenQ weren’t as good as I’d like. The PI were between 150-250 which isnt really bad, but I think they could do better.

Hello Members of CD Freaks,

now i have an email from benq but they don’t declare why they have removed b3d7.

But they told me that it is difficult to program a DVD-R firm for a burner that is designed for DVD+R, no words if they will build an emperor for b3d7.

By my question if i have to flash back to b3c7 they told me that this is not necessary.

With best regards


it does make sense in my opinion.

if a product is designed for one function originally, it’s not easy to offer an additional function to this product perfectly.

I’ll think it’s an extra bouns (support DVD-R writing) for DW800A, sicne it’s not a daul format machine.

I can’t find B3D7 from the website, so your firmare definitely becomes a treasure, a souvenir.:wink:

I finally got an answer from BenQ.

Hi, sir

The ver. B3D7 is for test only, so we removed it from website after a week,
but it doesn’t mean there is a problem with this version.

If you encounter a serious problem when you flash to B3D7, please feedback
us, thanks.

BENQ STR Service

it sounds BenQ is providing a very good after service, even though it’s just a test only f/w.

I’d definietly advise my friends to buy BenQ products in the further. It is not only of the quality, but also for the good service.

After service is very important, don’t you think so?

Does anyone have B3D7 to share?