BenQ 800@822 Failure!

I bought a Khypermedia-branded BenQ DW800A and upgraded its firmware to DW822A (B3IC). The drive now thinks it can burn DVD-Rs. Ha!

TYG01 (4x): Plays back on computer DVD±RW drives, but cannot fully play on standalone DVD players. (I tried three different models; none played back without incident.)

CMC MAG (2.4x): Appears to be unformatted on all three DVD±RW drives (after the B3IC firmware thought it had burned a full disk).

RITEKG04 (4x): Hangs on all three DVD±RW drives.

The B3IC firmware does appear to be able to write DVD+Rs quickly and successfully. But for DVD-Rs, it is essentially worthless.

Any suggestions?

i have a stock 822 and it doenst burn dvd-rw well.

also suggest you post in this thread instead of creating a new one

it has a discussion talking about your very topic… :iagree:

really ? Mine’s the opposite … burns DVD-RW’s fine, but give read errors when burning DVD+R’s. And that’s on BenQ brand discs … prolly a bad unit …

btw, does yours heat up a LOT after a couple of hours ?

What DVD-RW media did you use? My BenQ800@822 can burn everything I throw in except it will not read DVD-RW discs burnt by itself. Also, it cannot burn -R or -RW under DOS environment, Windows environment burns OK.

My BenQ does not heat up at all.

My philips824@822a burns everything i’ve tried fine, but then i haven’t tried dvd-rw’s yet! Do you think the new firmware for dual layer (when it comes out) will even install on our drives? If i was BenQ i would have put in some additional checks such as on serial number, etc rather than just checking what the previous firmware was.