Benq 800 +100 4x DVD+R $99

OM just started a sale today to get a Khypermdia 8x DVD+RW and two 50 packs of Khypermdia 4x DVD+R. The disc are MCC 002 and write at 8x very good in my Benq. The Khypermedia that say made in Malaysia are confirmed to be Benq 800. I don’t think they have started putting 822s inside yet but its possible.
From what I saw, there is no rebates to send in.


You can get a retail DW800A in germany (search at geizhals for DW800) for < 60 EUR (~ 72$ incl VAT of 16%. Without VAT it would be 62$).



By the time you add in these 100 dvd+r your looking at about $40 for the drive.


yeah, but 59 EUR is really cheap for germany… :slight_smile: For example a NEC1300 is still around 70 EUR.



Hi DMagic1,
The last time I purchased these Khypermedia DVD+R 50 pack spindle they were CMS. Can you confirm that the ones you purchased were in fact “MCC 002” disks ???

I went to purchase a spindle of +R last weekend but they only had the -R available for the same price. The -R spindle was indeed MCC 002 but they burnt terrible in my 822a so I returned them. Too bad I missed out on the +R spindle though.

Just purchased the bundle yesterday.

The way it works (1) the 800A is FREE, (2) you pay $100 for two spindles of Khypermedia 4X DVD+Rs ($1 a disk).

Bye the way DMagic1, read the “external” thread. You can take this Khypermedia ReBrand (DW800A) and convert it to a EW822U with no firmware hacking…

Yes, I bought a spindle during last weeks 40% off special. They were in fact MCC 002.

I think those would still be made by CMC as they are making alot of the Verbatim media now.
The possibility of why Khypermedia has them is they could be grade B or worse?
How do they burn and scan?

I can confirm that both spindles I got yesterday are “CMC MAG F01” media code. I really don’t like CMC, they burn like crap…

More like “They crap when burnt”… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess its just luck to get MCC 002. I got these and someone else reported getting these also.
Sorry I took the disc out before I saved.
8x burn with Benq800@830

Good results.

Heres another one.

8x burn