BenQ 5224W/WU, 5232W, 5232X

I found myself at the BenQ 5224W.
Hardware Chipsets Ali M5501 + Ali M55U3 + OPU Sony KRS-340C

[QUOTE=czary2mary1;2787067]Plextor PX-230A
Change the ID of the installer is not a problem - what one can see that he did ;).
But what will he …?
I feel sorry for the experiment on this copy … For me, these models very difficult available.

I found my spare 5232X, edited the drive name in the Plextor .INI and gave it a try, but just received the following error message. Looks like there is a secondary check to overcome.

I suppose the next step would be to try to extract the firmware binary from the Benq flasher .EXE and compare it to the Plextor .BIN. But I’m unable to pursue the matter further at the moment.


It may also be that these models of BenQ 5232X vary slightly software or technically.
Therefore, it may be a problem with the firmware update KPFY or flashing the firmware of the Plextor PX-230 to other versions of the model.

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See what today plugged …
Philips E118405 (1999r.)
AKA Philips CDD4401.
One of the first models of the Philips IDE own design on three chipsets Philips and Philips OPU …
Disc quality test this assumption about him in Philips \ BenQ :wink:

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I purchased a 5224WU to use for low quality CD ripping. It has N.IF firmware. Is there a tool to dump? Is there any later firmware version available?

BenQ 5224WU firmware N.NF

BenQ 5224WU firmware N.GF

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Looks like this one is mislabelled (should be N.FF):


Both are from 2003. My firmware N.IF seems to be newer. I would not want to try to downgrade unless there is a very good reason to do so.

I have noticed that EAC (as well as cachex) seems to be unable to defeat the cache.

C:\RIPZ>cachex -i -k s:

CacheExplorer 0.8 -

Drive on S is  ATAPI    CD-RW 52X24      N.IF

[+] Buffer size: 2048 kB, read cache is enabled
[+] Supported read commands: BEh A8h(FUA) 28h(FUA) D4h(FUA) D5h(FUA) D8h(FUA)
[+] Testing cache disabling: not supported

Anyone know how to achieve success in disabling the read caching?

[edit] -usefua seems to work with EAC for a while but it’s not long before EAC reverts to reading cache again which is easy to spot because the red blocks switch from a steady cadence to filling in the next 4 very quickly after reading once.

You have a newer firmware in the drive. We do not have any other firmware and I do not know if there have been any other released for this drive.
I corrected the incorrect designation for N.FF

BenQ 5224WU firmware N.FF

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I would like to introduce you to mr. BenQ 5224WU.

czary2mary, is Philips PCRW5232 also ALI chipset based? - seems like it should be included in the title as well.

Yes, of course, it’s a BenQ 5232W technical clone