BenQ $49.56 + tax at Dell



Vinnie97@cdrlabs posts this offer from Dell.



Great drive to bad Dell sucks. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:


Are you talking about the computers or their other products?

I have ordered and received a few accessories over the past month with no issues.


The company it self. :slight_smile:


today April 06, 2005: Newegg has the same drive for $58. Because of savings in shipping and tax, the final total cost is almost the same. Ordered one from Newegg because I’d rather deal with them:

Oh, and the Newegg part has the additional Black bezel, I don’t know if the Dell part does.


The Dell Website shows a beige drive. That’s a bit odd since aren’t most of their computers black these days? Not a bad deal though and yes I do agree that Dell sucks (The company itself). As ElliotW said, I’d much rather deal with Newegg for products like these, they’ve never really did me wrong so no point in changing. :slight_smile:


I have no problem with buying stuffs from Dell because it is a big reputable company, just that I hate to deal with the customer service department. I was on the phone for over 3 hours just to add a wireless pci network card to the system I ordered.