Benq 4816P firmware!

The firmware of the benq 4816P is here:

I hope that oc-freak will try to overcklock the 4012P with this firmware!!
And I hope that is possible…

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1: First off all I think you need the firmware from a 4812P NOT a 4816P as the 4816P most likely uses a newer mediatek chipset while the 4812P still uses the same chipset as 4012P.

2: I do not have the knowledge on how to extract the binary firmware out of the EXE file, must be done as the EXE file do not accept flashing the 4012P.

3: 4812P have 2Mb buffer while 4012P have 8Mb = will most likely cause trouble.

1- The 4012p has normaly a 2MB buffer however he has 8MB!
So the 4816P may have 8MB!

2- The 4812P doesn’t exist on the Benq webpage!!! (the first after the 4012P is the 4816P)

3- I really think that it is possible for they have the same specifications, there is always the “P” and the 4012P is very performant with CD-RW so it can maybe write at 16x the CD-RW!!!

Just a little question:

Be the 4012P able to write in P-CAV with a good firmware or is hardware is not appropriate???

Thanks!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: