BenQ 4816A Firmware Upgrade?

I recently purchased a couple of BenQ 4816A (Cendyne) drives. Their performance has been, well, less than stellar. One has been placed on an XP2000-based computer, and while burning a number of CDs from the same image using Nero, a full 50% of the discs had unreadable sectors as reported by CD Speed. The second drive so far has not seemed as bad, but it has not been tested as fully either.

I thought I would try upgrading the firmware (I have 9.EK, I saw the upgrade for 9.CK). When I ran the firmware installer, it does not recognize the 4816a drive. Perhaps it is because the firmware version seems to be newer than the upgrade (9.EK > 9.CK, although it doesn’t make sense that the new firmware on the web would be older).

Any other clues or thoughts on how to improve the performance and reliability of this dirt-cheap (and similarly performing) drive?


  • Joe Clark

Your firmware does appear newer than the one available from Benq. the bad sectors could be due to bad media. Have you tried other kinds of disks?

That 48X16 drive is an Optorite drive, and ain’t worth squat. I had one marked as a CW4802 CenDyne that a relative gave me for Christmas, and after three months of trying, its been RMA’d back to CenDyne to exchange it for a 48X12X48 Lite-On.

The Benq 4816a I have is not an Optorite CW4802 because I have one of them also. The Benq is junk the Optorite seems to be ok. It has the fastest audio rip speeds I’ve ever seen. Joel