Benq 4012p overclock?

I have a benq 4012p!
Is it possible to overclock it with a liteon firmware???
(the 48x of course)!
Furthermore it write in Z-CLV and it’s long, log, long!!!:confused:
So i hope that with aa other firmware it can write in P-CAV!!!
Thanks for all the answers:D :smiley: :smiley:

Ps: sorry for my bad english!

I’m not sure but it may maybe be overclocked to a Benq 4812P 48X CAV writer.

I do not have this firmware, sorry :frowning:

And no you can’t use Lite-On firmwareon it.

Will you try the overcklocking if you got the firmware for a benq 48x CAV writer to post it on the forum???

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I hope!

Hi there, has anybody got anywhere with this ? I see Benq has posted their 4816P firmware on their website, so I ask if anybody tried flashing a 4012p with the A.NZ (4816p firmware) and turned their 40 x Benq into a 48 x one ?

Advice appreciated…


I have written to oc-freak but he needs the firmware in .bin and not in .exe!!!
So if nobody send the firmware in .bin (extracted with mtkflash from a 4816p by exemple) oc-freak can’t try to overcklock!!!

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

If you know a way to have this .bin please send it!!!

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I think I must have the binary firmware from a 4812P and not a 4816P as the 4816P for sure use another hardware revision.

but the 4812P may work…

but the 4812P may work…

Do you have the bin format for the 4812p ?

The 4812p seems like an elusive model. It is not listed on the Taiwain Benq website but yu can find it as a listed product on the American website. But on the American website you can find no firmware for this model.


I take it that if you do have the 4812p firmware that you have not tried to flash your 4012p ?


Sorry I re-read your post.

I think what you are saying is that you NEED the 4812p binary in order to try to flash upgrade the 4012p, but you do not yet have it. You also say its a waste of time trying to use the 4816p because its different hardware.

Because it seems that the 4812p is only sold in North America, we need just one owner to extract the firmware bin using OC-Freaks tool… any other ideas as to how we can get it ?

As there is no firmware on Benq website for 4812p we need a person who have this writer to get the firmware!
I think it’s the only way to have it!:a

Moreover the firmwares of Benq are in .exe and nobody can extract the binary files from it! So the firmware must be extracted from a writer!

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Yes, the firmware on the BenQ site is posted as .exe files - but WinZip can extract the components just fine. No need to extract the firmware from a physical drive.

Let me know if you have any success overclocking the 4012P.

yea, i have seen the 4812p drive out there, but they don’t post the firmwares, hmmm, wonder why, kinda weird there are no updates for the drive, who knows, still looking though