Benq 4012P! New good firmware?

I have read the test of benq 4012p!
I am affraid!!!

What are the upgrades of the nex firmware V.PW???
I hope that it changes a lot of bad things!

If someone now something!
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for exemple!
Does it support the mount raider?
Can it copy audio protected cd?
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and more and more and more!!!
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I found the Benq so crappy that I doubt that any firmware upgrade can convert it into a writer which anyone might want to use.

I want to hope!

I know it is bad bad bad!
But if a firmware could upgrade it to a less bad writer…

MAybe if I found a firmware in .bin of a superior writer to try to overclock it!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I’ve got DR drive which is rebadged BenQ 4012P and comparing to my other drives (HP 9100i, Samsung SW-232B, NEC-NR-7900A) i’d say it’s really good drive. Very quiet (in fact it’s the quietest drive i’ve ever met), stable, fast enough, and their buffer underrun protection is far better than anyone’s else. Have had no problems with it (unlike that HP’s overpriced piece of hardware junk).
BenQ’s website has firmware upgrade, but i decided to wait until other people try it.

It is very long to write (on a site were it is tested it is less speed than some 32x writer!

It can’t read protected audio cd!
It write in Z-CLC and that it’s very bad for me (and no firmware can change that to CAV mode for the moment)!

We can’t overclock it to a 48x!

I have tested the new firmware (V.PW!) and for the moment the only change is that it is more speed to change his speed in Z-CLV (the step are less long)!

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Here is our review:

:smiley: :confused: Where is the nw firmware? All I can find is VOW.

Thanks Joe

PS: My drive works fine with media it likes.

Originally posted by Joe R
PS: My drive works fine with media it likes.

Well , that’s usually the case with any writer…

go to

on the worldwildweb

and you find the new firmware on support page!

I hope that my english can help you (is it understanding)?

  1. My drive came with IDE cable
  2. No problems so far with IDE
  3. Price was $20 (brand new, with warranty, not refurbished).

I’ve got the Digital Research model of the BenQ 4012P CD-RW drive.

New firmware V.RW is available on the BenQ site.

So far, the drive works fine - though it didn’t like Memorex 4X RW media at all. I haven’t used Memorex since, so I can’t comment on whether the new firmware corrects it or not. It would be nice to know what each firmware revision is supposed to do.

Overall - can’t beat the price. I got it for US$35 after rebates.

My drive is:
Digital Research Technology on the retail box;
I/O Magic label on the drive;
Manufactured by BenQ per I/O Magic tech support emails.

The CDRW drivw works fine under Mandrake Linux 8.1 and with some issues under Mandrake Linux 8.2 (I am 90% certain the Mandrake 8.2 issues are not caused by the CDRW drive). I’m not kidding, I use gCombust, no bad discs out of 20 I’ve burned on it, at 40x, even on 16x media (though I don’t know of any way to check the discs, under Linux).

IMO, this is a sweet drive.

Has anyone upgraded the firmware in this BenQ drive for faster burn times? If so, did you feel it was worth flashing the drive?

I really do not wish to install W98SE on the PC just so I can flash the drive to the latest firmware because I might get no benefit from flashing or possibly make the drive perform worse.


This drive works fine, no problems at all.

I upgraded to V.RW, but to be honest I notice no difference.

I am quite happy with this drive, but I realise this site’s review gave it a thumbs down, mainly because its about 20 or 30 seconds slower on a full 700 Mb burn. I say so what, its pretty solid for what I need it to do, and it can’t be beaten on price.

Ignore Alexnoe’s slander on Benq, he also likes to slam AOpen and anything that isnt LiteOn.

i upgraded to nothing new that i can see