Benq 400A, worth it?


i found this dvd writer at 59 euro, does it worth this?

i am thinking in getting liteon 851 or 812, but this is about half the price of liteon.

any hacks for it to make it 8x or something?


there is no firmware for 400a to hack to 8x writing…
and i think 59 euro for 400a expensive
suggest you buy 800a or 822a
for +R media so far these two perform very well…(much better than Liteon personally )

yeah, Benq drive shine at +R media,

i personally feel Benq is promising, they annoucing “will” release firmware for DL and better write strategy and so on


but benq write CDR at 24X, and i have a location for one drive, and i prefer to get one that support CDR at more X’s, liteon write CDR at 40X

after i started to burn DVD…, i dont think 24x on CD slow…
after all, cd burning is always faster than DVD.
so I personally dont think “CDR burning speed” would be a big problem to me.

I have a BenQ 822A and as long as you are using +R/RW disc along with the BookType Manager I don’t think there is a better drive with vendor supplies firmware. On the other hand, if I had to do it over again, I would go with a NEC 2500A. You have to use the modded (hacked) firmware to get the BookType and 4x@8x support. The 2500A burns -R/RW disc so so much better.

The problem with BenQ it’s doesn’t have the hacking community behind it, therefore you have to relay on BenQ’s firmware. BenQ does have problems with supporting external drives in either USB or IEEE cases. Some versions of firmware work some versions don’t.

Never had a problem with NEC as external. The NEC 2500A with the modded firmware does support DVD+9 DL media NOW !!!

Good luck on your choice…

Well I have the 822 as well and I would sign what beach-hobo said.
And I wouldn’t suggest buying the 400.

I personally don’t think 24X CDR is that slow either. Try writing a CD @ 24X and then 40X and see what the actual difference in time is. The writing speed for much of the disk is very close to the same due to CAV writing meathods.

Problems resolved. Was a ChipSet (IDE-USB) issue. Now all firmware versions install and operate on my DW822A (B3BC, B3EC, B3HC).

Could you please explain that in more datail.
What does not work and what does work?
Or which ChipSets to use or not to use?


Upps. I think I just found your answer here:

You got my answer. I have expended about 1-month on this area. There are many POST all over the Internet about “BenQ/External” usage. This is the SOLUTION that works. Will use my old InSystems ChipSet case for a different drive. The NEC & InSystems ChipSet (except for BenQ), in my option, are the fastest and most compatible Interfaces out there…