BenQ 16x DVD drives with Nexperia chipset available, some prices good, some less than good



It is for sure that not all the offers listed below are bargain basement deals. On the other hand the first deal listed is a very reasonable price if you are looking for a Nexperia based BenQ DVD drive.

Because this line of DVD drives is supposed to be able to provide extended error information I’ve been hunting around for a BenQ/Nexperia DVD drive. I thought I’d share some of the info/links I gathered in this process with the folks here. Also, these drives are supposed to be solid burners. But I bought them primarily for scanning.

Example of BenQ DW1650 extended error info -> see images 4 & 5 in THIS POST.

The Deal

There are some (very few) Philips DVD8801 aka Dell CH545 aka BenQ DW1650 DVD drives available on eBay from a company called Teksavers. They have tons of good feedback on eBay and my experience with them was also very good.

The price is $24.95 per drive. Shipping for 1=$8.55 / 2=$9.38. As I’m typing this there are 3 drives left.

I bought 2. The packaging was rock solid. You couldn’t ask for better. They just arrived and I haven’t done anything other than crack open the box and check the contents. The “cosmetic condition” of the drives is excellent.

The label that they show is exactly what was shipped to me. pics/techretire/_77296_3.jpg

The label on one of my drives reads:
DVD8801/95;9305 046 68095
Manufactured: April, 2006
H/W rev: 00
F/W rev: 2D06
BenQ Corporation
2006 04 17
BenQ China Co.,LTD./China

The prices above are good. The prices below are … shall we say … “less than good.” If anybody else has links to reasonably priced drives from this line PLEASE POST IN THIS THREAD.

Another option is a Philips DVD8801 aka Dell CH545 aka BenQ DW1650 drive available on the website for $37.99 + $9 (approx.) shipping. Those folks have only 1 comment on the website … so … YMMV.

Another option is an external BenQ EW162I 16x DVD unit available on Amazon Marketplace. The EW162I is a DW1620 in an external (BenQ) enclosure. As I’m typing this it is still available for $50 + $5.99 shipping from a (user / merchant / whatever) named Heole. That price is quite a bit higher that the units from Teksavers, but it is also a lot lower than the crazy $100+ prices I see on a bunch of websites. To find that drive just surf to Amazon and do a search using the terms below.

BenQ EW162I

If I’ve gotten any of these details wrong please chime in.


Sorry, I just don’t see the value of “extended error information”… if a burner is a top-notch reader and/or writer then I could see buying an older drive… but extended data?


There’s also a thread here with Benq drive sightings…


Thanks afecu!

I’ll post a pointer in that thread. Sorry I started a new thread.

That thread is over 100 pages long. It seems that there are some folks who are interested in BenQ drives with the Nexperia chipset.