BenQ 16x discs (daxon)

My current 1635s burns these discs fairly good, with a PI average of about 1.3. When i had the ricoh 4x disc with my 832s burner, I could get them as low as 0.35, but I replaced my burner about half yr ago, as it seemed to be breaking down (it was giving errors on every burnt disc), but I still use it as a dvd reader.

I wanna give it another chance, and see if I can burn these benq discs on the burner. Since these discs will probably be unsupported by this burner, would i just add a new media code, and use the latest benq strat for this burner? that is, i think the 16x discs are some like az3, but my 832s supports the az2, so I’d just use that?


Firmware update. Maybe YS0W or YV6N have the media code. :slight_smile:

nah, i meant for my 832s. my 1635s is already up to date :d

If you renamed the AZ2 MID to AZ3 it will allow you to burn them at 8x but I don’t know how good the burn will be. Just use OmniPatcher to change the MID. :wink:

i replaced the az2 with az3 with media code speed edit (using dvd identifier), and saved the firmware and then loaded in ominpatcher and applied the recommened tweaks, and other things. i’ll post a result if hopefully i can get my old burner to work, which i doubt :smiley:

Well good news and bad news. It was successfully able to burn the disc, but then again last time, I could burn sometimes and sometimes couldn’t. So will have to burn more and see if it can burn the complete the disc.

The bad news is that it had a lot of PI errors. Well, it was averaging 1.5-2 during the first 30%, and then just started getting mountains. I burnt the disc at 8x. Should I try 4x next time?

Maybe I should just stick to my 1635s :smiley:

Those peaks seem a PSU problem, not a burn strat problem…