Looking for a new DVD RW. Been searching forums. Is this one of the better machines? It is an OEM, does that make a difference? Advice,quickly is apprecuated, thanks.


There may be some quality control issues with newer 1620 drives. That said, if the drive is in good working order, then it should yield good burns.


I’m not certain there is the quailty control issue with the newer 1620’s that some suggest. I’ve got one 6 months old, 2 months old, and one I purchased a week ago and haven’t been able to find bit of difference in any them… :slight_smile: (all three of them are OEM from Newegg)

The 1620 would be a good choice IMO…


I agree with pcdoc. Some people have a tendancy to continually bash the BenQ for some reason. I have 1 BenQ currently but had 2 and both burned almost identically using the same firmware (B7T9 at that point). One was a Nu Technology DDW-163 that I cross-flashed to B7T9 and one is a refurbished BenQ Bulk drive that was also cross-flashed and is now running on B7U9 firmware and seems to be a champ so far. I like the BenQ enough that the NEC ND3500AG I had in my computer got shuffled out to an external case and shelved for a spare or if I ever need an external burner again. I just normally burn on the BenQ since I don’t get coasters and the burn results are equal or better than my 3500 was.

I did like playing with a NEC ND3520A I got for my dads birthday present. That drive works pretty sweetly and has nice burn quality from the little bit of testing I did with it - I can’t say I was upset with it at all at least. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about giving my girlfriend the NEC ND3500AG and the external case for her birthday coming up since it does work ok and she has been thinking about getting a DVD Burner for her computer as well. :bigsmile:


I got my BenQ 1620 via I/O Magic for about $30 or so (after rebates), and couldn’t be happier.

I think you’ll probably be able to beat $57 in July at retail stores when the 4th of July sales come about. :slight_smile:


July?, you think he really goning to wait that long?


July?, you think he really goning to wait that long?

Good point Hef ;)!!! LoL!!! :wink: Popeye 123 Just buy the BENQ 1620 from and you won’t regret it. You’ve already joined this great BENQ forum site so the next step is to buy the drive. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I personally think Retail version looks nicer :smiley: but yea, I don’t think there are any difference (maybe difference quality control for the bulk version and retail), but it is a really nice drive. Plus, people here are most friendly :wink:


That was sort of a general response though, not directed specifically at him.

Is the $57 a good price, I’m sure it is, but it is possible to get it for less.

If people want a second one, are truly strapped for cash or just plain cheapskates, they might want to get one then. :smiley:

I’m certainly sorry I didn’t get 2 during that sale…


I have a hard enough time when I have the NEC 3500AG hooked up with the BenQ and almost always ended up burning with my BenQ as first preference. That’s part of the reason the NEC ended up being removed from the system altogether - no general use for it at this point in time. Besides, when someone really needs another drive they’ll probably go after one of the new models. Sure the 1620A is great but we know how computer hardware works, there is always new toys coming out that we’ll all want to play with eventually. hehe


Really? I prefer the plain look of the OEM drive. The retail has that huge “BENQ” banner plastered across the front…granted, I like BenQ, but simple is good.


You can always switch faceplates to non branded ones.