Benq 1670 - slow rip speeds, but fast Transfer Rate Tests?

I have recently bought two of these embarrassments to the Benq name :rolleyes: (ok I’m exaggerating a little). I have firmware version 1.03 on both, and the problem I’m having with both drives is that the actual rip speeds are noticeably slower than read speeds judging from Transfer Rate Tests in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

For example, a rip of a 6.4GB pressed DL disc took 14:30 to rip using DVD Decrypter, with similar speeds ripping with DVD Shrink, either ripping in file mode or .ISO mode, with an average speed of 5.6x and a max of 7.8x. By comparison that same disc completes a TRT in 9:30 with an average of 9.06x and a max of 11.57x (running DVD43 in the background to bypass encryption)(I have a screen cap of the TRT, it’s smooth). Running DVD43 or AnyDVD in the background had no improvement on rip speed. There’s a similar discrepancy when ripping an unencrypted SL disc compared to a TRT, around 5 minutes vs. 7 1/2 minutes. The drive is currently the Secondary Slave drive, set to DMA 4. Used in an external USB 2.0 enclosure the behavior was the same. I’ve tried ripping to multiple different Hard Drives with no change. The previous drive (Benq 822) in the same setup ripped at ‘normal’ high speeds.

Maybe I’m overlooking something simple here, but I don’t know what the issue is here. WTF? :confused: :rolleyes:

One thing I noticed while switching from my Sony 710A (SOHC-1653 reflashed) drive as my ‘reader’ drive (generally I use a burner as a reader as they seem to be better readers than -ROM drives are and I use my 2nd newest burner for this task) to a DW1670 (reflashed to Benq 1670) was that I had to change a setting in DVD Decrypter. The Lite-ON drive liked the I/O exchange for CSS key discovery while the 1670 spun down, and seemed to seek back to the center of the media for each key discovery. I changed it to the ‘Brute Force then I/O exchange’ option and it flew right through the VOB file breaks with no change in read rate.

Could this be your problem? You should be able to easily hear it spin down and seek when it does the key discovery at VOB file breaks. It sounds like a sector read failure–which is what drew my attention to the situation in the first place.

It doesn’t sound like my problem as I didn’t notice shifts up and down in speed, it was just generally slower than it should be. I have noticed some sick sounds coming from one of the 1670’s when I first bought it though, it was making ‘click-spin’ type of noises when using it to rip, might be related to what you’ve experienced. I’ll look at some of the settings you mentioned when I have the time, I’m ripping a disc in another drive right now. I’m not too impressed with these drives in any event, I only paid $5 per each of them (price mistake by Staples) but they’ve been a far cry from a ‘real’ Benq. Thanks for the input, I’d really like to use one of these in my tower at least as a Ripper and a DVD-RAM read/write drive but if it rips this slow it’s a poor choice as a ripper.

I still haven’t found the cause for the slow ripping speeds, does anyone have any suggestions? The drives have no issues writing at a full 16x BTW, so this really is getting annoying.


Some drives slow down with Video-DVDs. Have you also tried a plain data DVD?


Have you used MSCE to remove the riplock yet?

The option is greyed out, but then TRTs perform at a full 16x anyway with SL media.

I don’t think I’ve tried a data DVD yet, just dye-based and pressed Video DVDs. I’ll give it a try with one, although I don’t think it will make a difference considering I’ve tried ripping in .ISO mode with DVD Decrypter, and I’m getting 16x TRTs.

Edit: just tried ripping a data DVD in ISO mode with DVD Decrypter, no change in speed vs. a Video DVD.

Any other ideas? :a

Anyone have any other thoughts on what might be causing this?

I just tried one of the 1670’s in another computer, set as a single, master drive. Same exact problem in that computer as well, when running a TRT on a SL disc the test starts at around 6.7x but when ripping with a program such as DVD Decrypter it starts at 4.3x and takes a lot longer than the TRT to complete.

Can anyone that owns a 1670 or one of the rebadges please rip a SL disc and tell me what the start speed is and how long it takes to complete a full SL disc takes (with DVD Decrypter would be best)? Thanks in advance

i have exactly same experience with my 1670 (gave it in return of an RMA 1640 :rolleyes: ) also if u use Nero CD-DVD Speed ver 4.70 for TRT , speed go smooth up to 8x or a bit more and then suddenly drop to 5 or less and go up from there very slowly up to 10x or less IIRC. I remember once with a SL pressed disck with no encryption rip nice in DVD Decrypter, so i test it just now with another SL pressed with encryption this time and nothing runing in the
background to make sure that, it was smooth again but near the middle of process drive make some nasty sound feel like gonna break the disck in part and almost stoped to rip so i canceled the process and test it in my 1655 and everything was ok ! so maybe 1670 is not a good ripper or maybe a problem in firmware :confused: by the way i am very satisfied with its nice 16x burn on media like CMC MAG M01 that are very better than my other drive (1640,1655,165h6s,pio111) :clap:

I just test a SL DVD+R disk in DVD Decrypter.
Size: 4,653,088,768 bytes Disc ID: RICOHJPN-R01-02 —> bitset to DVD-ROM start Speed 4.3x end 9.9X Duration 00:07:57 (and already test it in 1655 with nice TRT )

More data:

ripping a full 4480MB dye-based -R/+R with DVD Decrypter - starting speed is 4.3x/average speed is 6.9x/end speed is 9.9x/8:00 total rip time.

Transfer Rate Test of the same disc - start speed 6.7x/average speed 12x/final speed 16x/ 4:58 total TRT time.

Obviously the rip speeds are significantly slower, only these 1670s are giving me these problems.

For anyone else with a 1670, what are your rip speeds? BTW, when ripping with DVD Decrypter, after the rip is finished you can click on ‘View - Log’ to view the stats of the rip.

Thank you for posting that data, that’s identical to my drive’s slow performance when ripping. I also had very similar behavior when I first ripped a disc where it had some strange thrashing sounds halfway through the rip and the reading basically stopped at that point. And the problem with CD-DVD Speed 4.70 was also confirmed by myself and another user on here.

I’m starting to think that it may be some sort of firmware-related rip lock that only exists with actual ripping and not Transfer Rate Tests. If that’s the case, it would be the first time that I can recall this sort of issue existing on a drive. Burn quality seems decent, although it seems to burn some discs with high jitter such as some +R media at high speeds.

Anyone else, do you have any ripping speed data to add for comparison? This is really pissing me off but it’s looking more and more like it may be firmware-related, I may crossflash it to a Sony firmware and see if there are any changes. :a

I’ve now tried the drive after crossflashing to Sony’s latest firmware, 1.0C. No changes, same issue with fast TRT, slow rip speed, as well as the bug in CD-DVD Speed 4.70. Obviously this POS is roughly a 10x ripper in its current state rather than a 16x ripper.

Do you get the same slow read speed when you copy the .vob files with windows explorer ?

Yep, just tried copying the contents via Explorer and the speed was the same, about 8:10 to copy a full disc. I had also previously tested speeds with DVD Shrink and by using Nero Burning ROM’s ‘copy disc’ function, in all cases the speed is similarly slow. Any other suggestions? :confused:

Another chapter to this drive’s stupid behavior, I wish this worthless POS would just end the drama and start working right :rolleyes: :

I’ve now come across a pressed, encrypted SL disc that IS ripping at full speed from the very start, starting at about 6.5x and finishing at about 14.8x (the disc is only around 4GB). But there are issues with ripping this disc as well - I’m ripping with DVD Decrypter and at exactly 25%, 50%, 75%, and 99%, the drive slows down to 0.0x and there are some audible ‘clicking-spinning-searching’ type of noises for about 7 seconds before it spins back up to normal speed again. I tried ripping this same disc 3 times with the same behavior each time. I believe I experienced similar behavior with one other disc when I first got my drive but I cancelled the test when I noticed the noise as I think the ripping had truly stalled with that particular disc and the drive was making continuous ‘click-surge’ type noises. Because of these slowdowns at 25, 50, 75, and 99%, the rip speed is still taking approximately 6:45 for a full disc rather than around 5:00 which is how long it should take.

Now I just inserted another pressed, encrypted SL disc that I THINK had ripped at its usual slow pace just minutes before, I’m not certain as I didn’t pay attention to the rip speeds but I believe it was a slow rip. But NOW I was just able to rip it at FULL speed and without even any slowdowns.

What the flying F#*K is wrong with these 1670s?! :a This is my FIRST rip at proper speeds, completing in approximately 5:00. Turning on DVD43 (on the fly decryption like AnyDVD) doesn’t effect speeds. Both +R (bitset to -ROM) and -R discs are still ripping at the improper slow speeds just as they were before, ripping at around an 8 minute rate.

Just tried a couple other pressed, encrypted SL discs and they are now ripping at ‘16x’ speeds and without the slowdowns at 25%/50%/etc. Pressed DL discs are still ripping slow though, starting at 3.3x and slowly increasing from there. The original SL disc with the 25/50/75/99% slowdowns is still slowing down at those spots.

Any suggestions now? If anyone else has one of these drives, could you PLEASE post what sort of rip speeds you’re getting?