BenQ 1655

Hi Guys & gals,

Just bought a Benq 1655 after reading about it on this forum. It has come with firmware BCAB. Is it ok to leave this as it is? Everything seems to working ok. Do I really need to flash the new firmware BCDB? Should I leave well alone 'cos I’m a bit nervous about fiddling. :confused:

Thank you


Newer firmware usually contains bug fixes along with updated and tweaked write strategies for some media. The updated firmware will usually also contain write strategies for new media sometimes new features are implemented.

In isolated cases there are adverse effects in using the newer firmware but often you can revert to the old firmware. Not so in your case because the firmware shipped with your drive is not available elsewhere.

This is a user’s choice, but whenever there a recall on my automobile I usually take advantage even though I might not be personally affected.

Ok Nemesys,

thanks for your input


There’s already BCGB out. But nothing is wrong with flashing BCDB.

I have seen one user’s comments that BCGB is for China. I have tried it for a few discs and it is much worse than BCDB. They did this before with the 1620 and it sonds logical.

Thanks for all your replies , guys