BenQ 1655

Few questions, Can you change the book type on this drive BenQ 1655 with out flashing the firmware, and if not is there a drive you can, Thanks.

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In short yes. :iagree:

Yes you can change the booktype (by using Qsuite or other options) without flashing firmware if you are talking about a true BenQ 1655 , As for rebadged 1655 drives I am not sure!

Qsuite, is this a program that comes with the benq drive or something you have to download and what do you mean by rebadged, thanks.

Yes Qsuite is a program that comes with the drive and/or can be downloaded from BenQ’s website. Rebadged is a BenQ drive sold under another brand name. Example: I/O Magic sell the BenQ 1655 under their name. Just have a look in the BenQ forum and you will find everything you need to know.:slight_smile:

As suggested, I moved this thread to the Benq forum :slight_smile:

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Use links in my sig to download the QSuite manual & have a read. You can also download QSuite 2.1, however you need BenQ drives to actually do anything.

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Yes, you can use QSuite with rebadged BenQ drives, but you have to flash to the BenQ firmware.

For rebadged drives you have to CROSSFLASH to the BENQ FIRMWARE in order to use QSUITE. :wink:

Amazing drive. I currently burn 2x 4x and 8x +r media at 16x on this 1655 and they all score in the 90’s in cd-speed. No hacking needed. I just unlocked it in qsuite. If it starts to cause a prob I’ll just turn it off. I’m even burning 8x +R AML media made in china and it works great at 16x. Also for a few bucks less I’m very impressed with my new nec 3550. Nearly as good, similar burn quality to the 1655 but not the qsuite tools.