Benq (1655), Solid Burn question

Benq (1655), Solid Burn question

( Sorry if answer is already out there, I have looked but not found)

Recently acquired the 1655. Have burned 10 - 20 Sony DVD+R disks. For better or worse am kind of committed to the Sonys, since I have 300-400. (It’s those dang sales at Staples & Best Buy…)

On the Qsuite Solid Burn screen the bottom half has “Learned Disk”, mine says ‘0’. Is that correct? Should that be ‘1’ for the Sony’s it’s burned?

Also I have the default of ‘UnKnown’ Active and ‘Supported’ Deactive. Since these are Sony’s should ‘Supported’ be ‘Active’? ( Can or should you have both disk types active?)


Depending on mobos chipset and OS in few occations the counter of learned media is not working.

But the drive for sure is learning although you can’t see it in QSuite, and this is easily checked by TraceSPTI (link in my sig).

You have to enable Solidburn for known media in order to have SolidBurn work for media that is already in the firmware strategy tables.

If that option is disabled (which is the default) then it wil never learn your Sony media.

Ofcourse SB first of all has to be enabled in QSuite making learning possible at all. :iagree:

My answer in above post is focusing at counter “0” problem primarily.

Many thanks.

I activated ‘Supported’ and with one burn I now have a ‘Learned’ disk, Sony16D1 (My mistake above, I have Sony - R not ‘+’). Curious that for supported disks, the default is ‘non active’. I would have thought the other way.

I have burned one Sony +R Dual Layer ( identified as a RITEK D01), it has not been ‘learned’, I’ll burn a couple more and see what happens…

DL is not learned with SolidBurn until the 1680/1800/2000 and above series [drives based on LiteOn drives].

Thanks again.

“DL not learned”. Now I shan’t worry about it.

Odd, even though I have left SB on the default setting SB still shows it has learned 1 pcs, that is MCC 004 the only dye I have used with this 1655.