Benq 1655 Sold out @ newegg oem

Ok guys i went to order my benq today (was really excited), but when i went on new egg site they were out of stock, i saw the oem version was still available

wat i want to know is there any major difference between the retail and oem versions of the drive ie enternal components ( cheap lazer units) different firmwares or other stuff

please let me hear your feed backs

I’m looking on newegg right now… and the retail and oem are back in stock :iagree:

ahh man my bro had already bought the oem version i hope it has the same performance as the retail i would still love to know

I have the oem. It came with lightscribe software and is working great. Great burns and the lightscribe works fine, a little slow but nice. Only difference is no benq on the faceplate. Big deal

Yeah, as far as the hardware/firmware goes it’s the same thing. No worries :wink:

OEM working flawlessly here

i like my oem, i’d rather not have that ugly benq thing on the plate…


I totally agree - 'cause that BenQ on the faceplate is ‘huge’ -eh!!