Benq 1655 retail

Get 'um quick.
36.99 + 6.13 shipping.

4 more in stock!


Good find-

Get 'em whilst they got 'em-

Otherwise they will sell out quick-eh!!:iagree: :iagree:

Something is wrong with Neweggs Paypal account, I had to pay with a CC.:a

I got one from them Thanks

Out of stock again!

Way to go felch!
Bagged me one :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one also, but it was close. :clap: Thanks felch:iagree:

Gack! Missed it. I love my Benq 1655 from Geeks so much, I’m willing to get one for my brand new home-built computer.

What does it say about current DVD burner quality that I would gladly swap my new Pioneer 112D out for an aging, discontinued burner from a company that no longer even makes optical drives? :eek:

Got one from Staples near work as an I/O Magic rebadge. Luckily, the side vent was shown when I pressed on the bottom of the box to check. It was selling for $54, but they took an OfficeMax 20 off 50 coupon and total came out to be $37ish after tax. :smiley: It was built in 11/05 and had GCAB, but upflashed to BCIB to take advantage of QSuite & CD-DVD Speed. Can’t believe I have 3 of these… :eek: Anyone want to trade a beige for black faceplate? :wink:

Gaa…missed it…AGAIN.

Is your Pioneer 112D really performing that badly? I Love my BenQ 1655@1650 & all, but the Pioneer has consistently been the BEST DL burner I’ve ever owned.

make a your PC homepage Newegg DVD-Burner it is better chance order to them :bigsmile:

i dont bother to hunt for benqs anymore…newer drives from pioneer, liteon, lg seems to perform just as good as benq

The burns are about the same quality as my LiteOn 20A1S, but the 112D can’t reliably scan and doesn’t booktype to DVD-R.

You cannot booktype -media. The new Samsung 183D looks awesome from the threads I read.

You mean the Samsung S203B, Alan?

Yes, it look awesome, it has a different chipset than the S182.:iagree: My bad, I am sorry I quoted the wrong model.:o

Any chance Samsung S203B is offered in a IDE interface?
If yes, model number please.

I am sorry Dennis, I forgot that was an SATA drive, forum member Zebadee has one and it looked so awesome I totally forgot it was SATA only. Sorry.

Thanks alan
No problem … it’s the thought that counts. :cool:
I don’t want to highjack this thread, so if anyone has a suggestion for a “Highly recommended” [B]IDE[/B] interface burner,
please post [B]model number[/B] to the following thread …
My DVD Burner going bad - Replacement suggestions