BenQ 1655 (retail) for $59.99 shipped!

I’m suprised there hasn’t been any responses. I thought it was a good deal. Atleast for people in the US.

I had a bad experience with them and canceled my order just a couple of hours after ordering it. They still charged my credit card the day after I canceled and it took well over a month before they credited the amount back into my account and that was only after I called my bank and reported a possible problem.

I think most members on this forum prefer newegg or fry’s or another that have a much better reputation. Sometimes it is worth paying a few extra dollars and buy from someone you trust.

In term of the pricing, yes it is a good deal. But the company is pretty much unheard of and thus buyers are skeptical. If it is at newegg or other reputable websites, then you will get tons of response. But expect seller review post from other members.

the companies that ask you to add items for $ that are already supposed to be in the retail box = sux

Directron is fairly popular. They’re always listed on Those listings to add stuff to your order are just there by default. A lot of sites do that, regardless if the item you’re ordering is retail or OEM. You still get whatever is supposed to be in the box.

Now it’s only $55.99 shipped.

But some poter on this forum have some reservation about the integrity og this company.

People must not get out much if they’ve never heard of Directron.

Yes majority know about this company, as for myself I always get ad email from them but when the trustworthy of the company is questionable for some users then you can’t help it.

I ordered Monday and I got my drive today. It is in fact a sealed, retail drive.


Here’s Directrons reseller ratings:

Very good at an 8.54 six month and 8.28 lifetime-

I would buy from them-eh!


Placed my order last night, and I got an email with UPS traking number today. As far I’m concerned it excellent service so far. As soon as I get the drive, I will post a rating. I think that good service needs to be recognized as well as bad service. :slight_smile:

I placed an order at 5 PM and by 9:30 PM had recieved two emails from Directron and one from UPS all giving the tracking number and with ground shipping the delivery date of 2/8- 5 days from now. Very good service. Retail for the same price as OEM, I’m happy.

The only problem with Directron is that if your BenQ is DOA (Dead on Arrival) you will have to pay for shipping it back to Directron. I think this is true in case of Newgg too. I have bought stuff from them before and never had any problems. This is definitely a good deal.


Is it just me - or do others who try to order the BenQ 1655 from Directron - not able to get the damn thing into the shopping cart?

Maybe I am destined to waiting for the 1650 to get here-eh!


Just my opinion Mike, stick with the EGG and you won’t be sorry, if they don’t have what you want now, be patient, they will soon get it, I have found out the hard way that a good online retailer is not that easy to find.

You can get the drive from ZZF free 2 day ship.

Retail $63.99 only $4 more

Or just the Bare drive (not oem) for $58.99

I just got my RETAIL 1655 from for $56.99 - free shipping; the retail is $59 free shipping today (prices sometimes change every couple days). You can check out to find out about They are not as highly rated as, but they still have a good rating. I had a good experience.

Just received my retail order from Directron. I’m located in West Coast so delivery time is just right. Don’t have time to install it so I’ll do it when I come home later today.