BenQ 1655-Retail $37 + shipping @ Newegg


Newegg has the sought after BenQ 1655 for $37 plus $6.13 shipping here:

If you want one get it NOW - otherwise they’ll be gone shortly-eh!

5 more in stock. :slight_smile:

Only 5 left. I just bought my 3rd.

Got one. Thanks.

OOS…that was quick

(limit 9999 per customer)

Which way did they go? Which way did they go? LOL

Gone already.:sad:

It was gone yesterday alan1476. Lasted only an hour or so. :wink:

The old saying " You snooze , you lose " applys here. I was sleeping.:bigsmile:

Damn, missed again.

BigMike, you are a good scavenger
All Gone, sold out quickly

What are you guys going to do with all those BenQs?

BigMike showcase them next to his trophies

This first posted by Delene in the BenQ forum.

That’s actually Dalen… male, not female. :slight_smile: I’ve been called worse, mind you!

The offer wasn’t vaporware. Mine has already shipped.

I was annoyed at Newegg tho because I had the 1655 on auto-notify, but I got no notification it was in stock. I check Newegg several times a day for free shipping deals and happened to notice it. I almost tore my wallet getting my card out to order… lol

You have a beautiful name

they only have 5 units in stock. I guess they were old stock that were burried deep in their warehouse and they were loss till they do their inventory and found those 5 units

Gheto, how do you see the quantity in stock at newegg? Is there a hidden button I’m not seeing?


[B]zevia[/B] posted the 5 count shortly after I started the thread - so it is very possible that they started out with more than 5-

I believe that the way that you determine Newegg stock - is to put in a quanitity of 99 and if it is actually below that - it will then give you the current number in stock-eh!

Actually, there were six before I submitted mine. :bigsmile:

This one will be replacing my oldest one as primary burner in my 2nd rig, the current one is being demoted to only a ripper due to it not producing reliable burns (I think I flashed firmware with a disc in it right before it began :doh: ). :slight_smile: