BenQ 1655 rebadged (I/O Magic)

Got a new Benq 1655 I/O Magic rebadged , came with firmware GCAB. Soon some scans .

Can you please let us know from where? Also what to look for on the box to make sure its a rebadged BenQ 1655

The firmware is supported by Solid Burn
First burn: Verbatim 16x dvd+r

:clap: Circuit City…Staples?


soab don’t have one here. What’s box look like/say please? How much $?

If i get one i want the green stripe but if price is right i guess i can live without it :frowning: Guess i could paint it or put green tape on it :disagree:

Interesting… no WOPC tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

DVD_PREDATOR is this the BenQ version of QSuite2.1 or something that came with the drive?

Yes that’s a 1655 alright.

Staples probably have it but the specs on their website still equivalent to a DW1625. The model# is IDVD16DLS.

DVD_PREDATOR: what’s the model number for your I/O Magic (1655)?

The model # is the same for both (1625 & 1655) but you will know by the specs chart in the box, for example 2.4 dvd+R DL for 1625, 8x dvd+r DL for the 1655.

That’s very helpful. Thanks.

how much was it if you don’t mind my asking?

Qsuite 2.1, was already installed in my comp. The drive came with nero 6 oem cd.

At the moment there are the external version only available here in Puerto Rico, $149.99.

Thanks for the information DVD_PREDATOR

Hmm…, curious if Quikee’s WOPC tool is working with 1650/1655 drives. :slight_smile:

It seems that there’s no problem reaching 16x. Can you tell us what is your setup, ie connected via USB2.0 or Firewire, and the chipsets?

Yes is working, TyT02 burned at 12x (SB/OS enabled) wopc disabled (Quikee’s wopc tool 1.3.0)

I just called Staples in my area and they don’t have the drive with specs 8x DVD+R DL and LightScribe.

I called mine also, no luck. It seems they are all over the world except in the USA

Guys , what do you think?]
Verbatim 16x dvd+r burned at 12x with dw-1655 I/O Magic rebadged.

Looks great for 3900 mbs, I wish I could get one in the mainland USA.