Benq 1655 quality scan, help me read it!

can someone help me read this lol i’ve never done one.

is this good or bad? it was like 3gigbaytes not much just a dvd video.

Can you save pics using the button like in the example, please? In this way is easier to read images :slight_smile:

Save as PNG

It’s good, but next time please do as geno888 suggests. :iagree:

This is a very good burn and morethan expected just grab a beer and enjoy it.

Edit: If you click twice on the graph then become very normal and clear to read.

Fantastic burn!.

Wish mine where that good.

What dye do prodisc use is it Ritek or TY?

Good burn [I]lastdon.[/I] Please provide more info about burn speed and SolidBurn settings.

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Most probably its own; Prodisc. :bigsmile:
And it wouldn’t surprise me if they sell some to RiTEK.

um, if you mean what kind of dye, there are only 3 types of dye and the 3 are, Azo metal, Phthalocyanine and cyanine. every manufacturer doesnt have their own dye, they use one of these 3. i believe some manufacturers use a mix of azo and Phthalocyanine for a more stable and affordable disc.

prodisc probably uses Phthalocyanine, as i believe most DVD manufacturers use this. i believe Taiyo Yuden and MCC media are the only 2 that are known to use azo only in their media.

thats a very good scan, for Prodisc. their media is absolute CRAP these days, though. im guessing those are fairly old, as prodisc was pretty good. if they arent old, consider yourself lucky that you got GOOD prodisc.


This was a FUJI branded disc, x16 burnt at 8x

with firmware on the burner BCDB