BenQ 1655 or LiteOn 1635?



I know this is just the BenQ / Philips part of the forum, but it shouldnt be a problem.

I plan on backing up all of my original’s software wise onto Fujifilm TY’s CD-R’s.

My question is, which drive should do the burning part, my BenQ or LiteOn?

Thanks for any comments or suggestions. Thanks Storm~


For burning CDs, I’m not sure which will give better results. Try some quality scans on the discs from each of the burners - use the Benq to do the testing as it’s a much better drive for testing CDs than Liteons. Judge by both the error levels and the jitter levels, and I’d suggest starting at a ‘middle’ speed such as 24x. I’m guessing that you’ll get good burns with the discs from both drives so it may not make a great deal of difference, but test out the results.