Benq 1655 only burning at 2.4 x speed

I had the IO drive from staples,burned at 8 x returned it to get the benq at newegg,now the drive seems to burn at only 2.4 x any suggestions??

did u check dma?
on HP 8X media
if i burn label 1st, it went down to 4X; data 1st, i get 16X

Actually Im using Playos 8x from staples,they burned at 8x on the IO…dma is set what other settings could be off

I’m noticing the same thing…only getting 2.4X using Verbatim +R DL media. Drive is OEM DW1655, BCAB firmware, DMA is set, overspeed is turned on in QSuite. :confused:

Try uninstalling Qsuite if you have it installed.

i have the same drive and same problem. benq tech support is bad for response. u get put on hold. it is a firmware issue hopefully it will be corrected soon.

Did they tell you its a firmware issue or are you hoping that is the problem ?? I cant see why the IO worked fine,and this is limited??

this is firmware bug. both retail and oem only burn verb +r dl @ 2.4x. can’t speak to playo brand, what is mid on those ???

What is mid ??,Im new to all this.They are Playo 8x dvd +r

I just came across this bug today on my retail 1655. My 8x TY002 media can burn at all rated speeds, but my 8x TYG2 from only burn at 2.4x. So much for trying to establish a pattern. It seems to just be random and not just a - and + difference like I originally thought. I saw someone burn the Verbatim’s TYG2 just fine at 8x :confused:

Scratch what I just said. I tested the media with three different burning software. IMGBurn and DVD Decryptor were locking me in at 2.4x but when I used Nero it burnt at 4x and 8x perfectly fine.

“mid” is the mdeia id. any number of programs can tell you who the actual manufacturer of the media is. in other words playo doesn’t make the dvd’s. someone else makes them. cd-speed is one of the tools that can show you what the mid is.

The Playo must be crap because it states N/A in that location when checked… :doh:

They are cheap, maybe even crap, but the direct burn results can differ.

Almost right cmisenko. :wink:

Just to clarify; checking MID only gives you information about the manufacturer of the dye. The disc as whole is in many cases made by other manufacturer’s.

Example. I’ve two types of media with Taiyo Yuden TYG02 dye. One is made by Plextor (MIJ) and the other is made by Verbatim.

Note also, there are dishonest DVD media manufacurers out there using MID’s of quality dye manufacurer to produce fake media. :a

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